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UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name BEYOND
Certification ISO 9001/SGS/CE/TUV
Model Number BY-PM
Minimum Order Quantity 1SET
Price 100000USD-800000USD/set
Packaging Details export standard packing, worthy for long distance sea shipping
Delivery Time 60-100days upon the recipt of downpayment and confirmation of drawings
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, west union
Supply Ability 20 sets per month
Product Details
Raw Material Soy Bean End Product Soy Milk, Soybean Milk, Soy Yoghurt
Operators 6-10persons Package Type Plastic Pouches, Or Cups
Product Name Yogurt Plant For Sale Fermentation System Automatic Fermentation System
High Light

mixing blending cream milk line


mixing blending yogurt production line


UHT processing yogurt production line

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Product Description


Automatic on line mixing system and full-auto blending system yogurt plant for sale


UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line 0


500LPH-10000LPH Yogurt Processing Plant


This dairy processing plant produce several types of market milk products, i.e. whole milk, skimmed milk and standardized milk of various fat contents.


This dairy processing plant raw milk can be fresh milk or powder milk, the procedure method can be pasteurization or HTST pasteurizer or UHT processing.



End product package of this dairy processing plant can be plastic pouches, plastic cups, plastic bottles, glass bottles, roof top box etc. for this Milk processing line according to different end product and package type, the production technology is differently designed.


Euipment list for Soya Milk, Yogurt, Flavored Milk And Juice Production Line

A prepare and formulating unit    
A-1 high speed emulsification tank 1500L SUS304 stainless steel,heat insulated,quadrate shape, bottom high speed emulsifier 1450rpm, digital readout thermometer,supporters with adjustable feet set 1
A-2 high speed emulsification tank 1500L SUS304 stainless steel,heat insulated,cylindrical shape, top mounted high speed emulsifier 2900rpm, digital readout thermometer,supporters with adjustable feet set 1
A-3 high speed emulsification tank 1500L SUS304 stainless steel,heat insulated,cylindrical shape, top mounted high speed emulsifier 2900rpm, digital readout thermometer,supporters with adjustable feet set 1
A-4 material melting plateform   SUS304,checkered sheet on surface,stairs with handrail,L*W*H=5500*1500*1200MM set 1
A-5 milk pump 15T/h SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M,Hard Alloy Mechanical Seal,Inner Shell Bright-Polished set 2
A-6 twin piping filter 15T/h SUS304 stainless steel,two pipe,Stainless Steel Filter Element 100 Mesh set 2
A-7 milk pump 15T/h SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M,Hard Alloy Mechanical Seal set 1
A-8 plate cooler 15T/h stainless steel supporter, SUS304 stainless steel plates, two section, hasp type gasket sealed, pointer type thermometer and probe set 2
A-9-1~5 formulating tank 7500L SUS304 stainless steel,double layer with insulation,top off- center vertical agitator 36rpm,airtight manhole,conical head,CIP spraying ball,glass tube level indicator, breather valve,supporters with adjustable feet set 3
  load cell   German Brand set 3
  temperature sensor     set 3
A-10 milk pump 10T/h SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M,Hard Alloy Mechanical Seal set 1
A-11 diaphragm pump 3T/h SUS304 set 1
A-12 operation platform   SUS304,checkered plate on surface,with stairs and handrail,L*W*H=6000*800*1500MM set 1
B yogurt fermentation system    
B-1 plate type pasteurizer Q=3T/h plate type heat exchanger, product temperature at inlet is 25℃; sterilization temperature 95 ,hold for 300S,temperature at outlet is 43℃ , use tower water for cooling, PID auto control set 1
B-2 homogenizer Q=3T/h 25MPa,including starting box set 1
B-3 yogurt holding tank Q=3T/h SUS304,hold for 300S set 1
B-4 fermentation tank 3000L SUS304 stainless steel,heat insulated,top central votical agitator 15-30rpm,conical head,airtight manhole, breather valve,digital readout thermometer,anti-eddy baffle,supporters with adjustable feet,view glass with light fixture set 3
B-5 lobe pump Q=10T/h stepless adjustable set 3
B-6 plate cooler Q=10T/h stainless steel supporter, SUS304 stainless steel plates, one section, hasp type gasket sealed, pointer type thermometer and probe,product temperature at outlet is 15℃ set 1
B-7 fermentation operation platform   SUS304 stainless steel, checkered plate, with ladder and handrail, dimension:6000*800*1500MM set 1
C pasteurizer and filling unit    
C-1-1~7 tubular sterilizer Q=6T/h 1. 5°C → 65°C (Homogenizer) → 90-95°C (30 secs)→142°C (4secs) →90°C (Hot fill Temperature) and optionally cool to 20°C or chill to 5°C,2. Fully automatic with seimens PLC and touch screen, Digital Temperature Recorder, Auto CIP with electrical conductivity meter,Fully assembled and Skid mounted set 1
C-2 degassor Q=6T/h SUS304 set 1
C-3 homogenizer Q=6T/h 25MPa,including starting box,Homogenizer with VFD speed control set 1
C-5 high position storage tank 1000L SUS304 stainless steel, PU insulation, sealed manhole, aseptic air vent,CIP spray ball, adjustable legs, cone top set 2
C-6 platform for end product storage   SUS304,SUS304,checkered plate on surface,with stairs and handrail,L*W*H=3500*2200*2800MM set 1
C-10 glass bottle filling machine   12000bottle/h,250ml,500ml set 1
C-11 RETORT SYSTEM   dimention ¢1500*5250,fully automatic control,include hot water pump and hot water tank set 2
C-12 crate loading and un-loading system   auto loading crates, auto un-loading crates set 1
C-13 glass bottle cooling tunnel and afterwards package system   include cooling tunnel,conveyor and blow drier, capping(by press),labbling,code spraying set 1
D-1 CIP system    
D-1 semi-auto double lines CIP system 3×3000L 3 storage tanks,two lines, acdialcalihot water tank are all made of SUS304 stainless steel, heat insulated, the insulation use PU. with agitator 36rpm at top, acidalcali concentrate buket 100L*2, 2 pcs of diaphragm pump, one section plate heat exchanger, tube filter 2 pcs, 2 pcs of two position and three ways, 2 pcs of supply pump 20T/H, pump head is 24m set 1
R-1~4 CIP return pump 20T/h SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M,Hard Alloy Mechanical Seal set 4
E hot water unit    
E-1 hot water tank V=6000L made of SUS304 stainless steel, double layer with insulation, airtight manhole, conical head, digital show thermometer, glass tuebe level indicator, high/low level sensors, breath valves, over flow tube, anti-eddy plate, discharge valve with pull pole, adjustable legs, ladder set 1
E-2 hot water pump Q=15T/h SUS304,pump head 24M,mechanical seal set 1
E-3 plate heater Q=15T/h SUS304 stainless steel, use A3 supporter,cladding with stainless steel, use steam for heating, hot water △T1=65℃,one stage,hasp type gasket sealed set 1
E-4 temperature control system Q=5T/h Germany Burkert steam regulating system, UK sprix sarco steam reduce valve, Germany temperature sensor, Chinese Pneumatic two way three position valve set 1
F project installation and commissioning system    
F-1 stainless piping system   stainless pipes and fittings for connection of all equipments from the buyer's company; including CIP piping system and all product pipe line,SUS304 ,∅51,∅38 set 1
F-2 power piping system   power pipe line all equipments from the buyer's company;heat insulation excluded set 1
F-3 electric controlling cabinet   electrical control of all equipments from the buyer's company set 1
F-4 electric installation material   electrical installation materials of all equipments from the buyer's company set 1

Company introduction:

Shanghai Beyond Machinery Co., Ltd, established in the year of 2005, is a manufacture specialized technology-oriented machinery. BEYOND is able to provide the turn-key projects, including the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning for the production lines of liquid food such as dairy, drink, ice cream, fruit and vegetable, bio-engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Cooperated with several domestic and abroad Light Industrial or scientific research institutions, we absorb their advanced technology and then take base to develop new even better process techniques, we are now specializing in all kind of sanitary stainless steel tanks, heater, cooler, sterilizer, concentrator, pump and other pipe and fittings.


Through the years of the common efforts of our staff, we have obtained high share in the market of machinery industry, and have developed ourselves into a medium-sized enterprise of certain popularity in the industry. Combining scientific research, technical development, production, marketing and after-sale service, we keep ourselves acting strictly in accordance with the quality assurance system of ISO 9001, to ensure us to provide the good quality equipments that are in accordance with the relative standards of Juice, Dairy, Pharmacy, bio-chemical, such as HACCP, QS and GMP etc.


Thank you very much for the trust of all our customers and we expect to build up good business cooperation friendship with more and more clients, and warmly welcome to your visiting to our factory!



Special design for small scale yogurt production line, install who plant equipment on a skid frame work.
The pretreatment of the milk is the same, regardless of whether set or stirred yoghurt is to be produced. It includes standardisation of the fat and dry matter contents, heat treatment and homogenisation. It is assumed that the milk has been standardised to the required fat content before entering the line and standardisation of the dry matter content takes place in an evaporator in the process line. If the dry matter content is adjusted by addition of milk powder, the equipment used is similar to that described under “Recombined milk”. Any additives, such as stabilisers, vitamins, etc., can be metered into the milk before the heat treatment.
When the yoghurt has been pretreated and cooled to inoculation temperature, the procedure for further treatment depends on whether set, stirred, drink, frozen or concentrated yoghurt is to be produced. The quality of the yoghurt in terms of texture and flavour is essential.


Figure 11.14 shows the processing of stirred yogurt. The pretreated milk, cooled to incubation temperature, is pumped to the incubation tanks (7). Simultaneously a preset volume of bulk starter (6) is dosed into the milk stream. After a tank has been filled, agitation commences and continues for a short time to assure uniform distribution of the starter culture. The incubation tanks are insulated to ensure that the temperature remains constant during the incubation period. The tanks can be fitted with pH meters to check the development of acidity. In typical production of stirred yoghurt the incubation period is 2.5 to 3hours at 42 – 43C when the ordinary type of bulk starter (2.5 – 3% inoculums) is utilised. To attain optimum quality, cooling from 42 – 43C to15 – 22C should be accomplished within 30 minutes after the ideal pH-value has been reached to stop further development of bacteria. The coagulum must be subjected to gentle mechanical treatment so that the final product will have the correct consistency. Cooling takes place in a plate heat exchanger (8) with special plate. After cooling to 15 – 22C, the yoghurt is ready for packing. Fruit and various flavours can be added (10) to the yoghurt when it is transferred from the buffer tanks to the filling machines. This is done continuously with a variable speed metering pump which feeds the ingredients into the yoghurt in the fruit blending unit. The blending unit is static and hygienically designed to guarantee that the fruit is thoroughly mixed into the yoghurt. The fruit metering pump and the yoghurt feed pump operate synchronously.

UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line 1


UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line 2

1.Opportunity to realize products with customized recipes.
2.Opportunity to produce more than one product with the same processing line.
3.Accurate dosing of mixing and additional fruit and aromas.
4.High quality of the final product keeping an elevated nutritional value.
5.Wide customization of the final product.
6.Maximum yield, minimum production waste.
7.Highest energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.
8.Complete line supervision system through monitoring of every process phase.
9.Recording, visualization and printing of all daily production data.

Working capacity from 5 tons/d up to 100 tons/d
Products - Stirred yogurt
- Stirred yogurt with fruit puree or flavor
- Yogurt with cereals, fibre
- Set yogurt
- Drinking yogurt
- Frozen yogurt
- Concentrated yogurt
- Kefir
- Package in cup, gable top carton, bottle


*Delivery time:

120 days after receive TT deposit or formal 100% L/C, upon approval on technical drawings and specifications by client.


*Duration of Guarantee:


1. within 12 months since the installation and commissioning of equipment are finished, If the defects of equipment and spare parts result from the seller, the seller will supply spare parts and maintenance by free of charge. If the defects result from the buyer’s improper use of equipment, seller will charge the cost of maintenance and spare parts.


2. After 12 months since the installation finished, if the equipment and spare parts are defected, the seller will charge the cost of maintenance and spare parts.


3. If Buyer request Seller and engineer to Buyer's factory, buyer should supply seller’s workers the round trip air tickets and subsidary for each worker per day. And the local traffic, accommodation and lodging fees should also be available.


*Installation terms:

1. 50-60 days for installation and commissioning.


2. BEYOND CO., provide installation, commissioning of all equipment supplied by BEYOND CO., as stated in the quotations.


UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line 3




UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line 4UHT Processing Automatic Mixing Blending Cream Milk Line 5



Company information
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Our services
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1 ) Q: How can we visit your factory?
A: If you come from abroad, air to shanghai airport, then we can pick you up at airport.


2) Q: How do you ensure the quality of your products?
A: Our Company is a state owned enterprise with more than 16 years experience , strict operation policy is performed, advanced processing machines guarangtee the precision of all components, workers with operation license, parts get multiprocessing, transmission& electrical parts are of international famous brand. Series of test and inspection are done in the whole producing state.


3) Q: What payment methods your company accept?
A: We accept most of the payment methods , but mainly accept T/T, L/C at sight .


4) Q: How long is the warranty time for your products?
A: Our officially promised warranty time is 12 months after commissioning .


5) Q: I am new in this field,can you supply us turnkey services?
A: YES.We can supply all the system including Market Analysis/Product Analysis/Location Choice/Processing Flow Design/Equipment Layout Design/Building Design direction/Equipment mode selection/Equipment Manufacturing/Equipment Mounting/Equipment Debugging/Worker Training.

6) Q: I haven't done business with you company before, how can I trust your company ?
A: Our company has been in Alibaba.com for 14 years, which is longer than most of our fellow suppliers, we have been golden suppliers for years. What ' s more, we have got quite a lot authority certificates, for example, CE, ISO9001, Alibaba onsite check certificate.


7) Q: What ' s the shipment terms and delivery time of your company?
A: Well, the delivery time depend on the quantity of your order. Usually is 20 days . For some customized machine 30 days is necessary.


8) Q: Can you supply OEM services?
A: Yes,we have our R&D team,and we have more than 400 workers with workshop area 75000 square meters.


9) Q: Do you give any Discount?
A: I will surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.