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ISO9001 2000L/H Uht Milk Processing Equipment For PET Bottle

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name BEYOND
Certification ISO 9001/SGS/CE/TUV
Model Number BY-CD3000L
Minimum Order Quantity 1SET
Price 100000USD-800000USD/set
Packaging Details export standard packing, worthy for long distance sea shipping
Delivery Time 80-100days upon the recipt of downpayment and confirmation of drawings
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, west union
Supply Ability 20 sets per month
Product Details
Material SUS 304/SUS316 Manufacturer History More Than 10years
Package PET Bottle, Tin Cans, Standup Pouch Etc Product Outlet Temperature 20℃
Processing Line Type Complete Turn-key Project Capacity 1000-100000LPH
Voltage 220V/380V/440V Power(w) 200-500kw
Warranty 12 Months Application Sweeten Condensed Milk/un-sweeten Condensed Milk
Processing Fresh Milk Collecting+ Pasteurization+ Ingredients Mixing+ Crystallization+ Packing
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2000L/H uht milk processing equipment


ISO9001 uht milk processing equipment


2000L/H uht milk machine

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Product Description

Full-automatic controlled 1000L/H 2000L/H UHT Milk Processing Line


UHT milk needs fresh and high quality milk source. After entering the production workshop, the special process of pretreatment should be carried out first. The raw milk is heated to 75 ℃ in the sealed pipe to activate the bacteria in the milk, and then the effect can be greatly improved by ultra high temperature sterilization. If the milk is to be sterile, the raw milk must ensure that the number of bacteria per milliliter does not exceed 30000 before ultra high temperature sterilization, which has actually reached the standard of pasteurized milk, but the standard of UHT milk is higher.


Brand Name: Shanghai Beyond
Model Number: BY-CD1000L
Capacity 5-200TPD
Raw material

Fresh cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, camel milk

or milk powder, or both mixed

End product sweeten condensed milk/un-sweeten condensed milk
Shelf life

 6months, 12months

(keep at room temperature )

Main material for machines SUS304 or SUS316
Package for end product stand pouch / tin can/plastic tub etc.
Certification: ISO9001/CE/SGS
Place of Origin: China
Manufacturer history More than 10years



Shanghai beyond machinery co., ltd is specialized in supplying various kinds of milk processing line, including the pasteurized milk, UHT milk, flavored milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter, cream, condensed milk etc.

Shanghai Beyond can supply complete turnkey projects for customers, integrating with designing, equipment manufacturing, to installation and commissioning and also training the operators.

UHT milk process: milk transporting tank or vessels, milk filter and collection tank; cooling and storaging tank(milk chilly tank), Mixing/Blending and milk standardization, cream separation, UHT sterilizer(tubular type or plate type) homogenization, degassing, and filling

Features and advantages:

1. Processing capacity can be ranged from 2T/Day to 1000T/Day.

2. High standard design, manufacture and project installation requirements, which guarantee the first-class finish products in the dairy processing line.

3. PLC control the whole production line, saving labor force and facilitate production management.

4. Full-auto CIP cleaning, to ensure whole production line equipments meet food sanitary safety requirements.

5. Whole line with features as high level automatic, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operation cost.

6. Whole line adopt sanitary design, can be cleaned thoroughly, with high level sanitation.




1 A Hot water Unit    
2 A-1 hot water tank V=3000L made of sus304 stainless steel, insulated with PU,with airtight manhole, cone top and bottom cover, ladder, glass tube level indicator set 1
3 A-2 hot water pump Q=5T/h SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 36M,mechanical seal pcs 1
4 A-3 plate heater Q=5T/h plate heat exchanger is made of sus304 stainless steel section, with plastic seal set 1
5 A-4 temperature control system Q=5T/h Imported brand pressure reducing valve, adjusting and drain valve, JUMO temperature sensor, Domestic brand good quality steam stop valve, pressure gage set 1
6   Subtotal A        
7 B Ingredients Preparation UNIT    
8 B-0 Blending tank 100L SUS304 stainless steel, single layer, ,airtight manhole, breather valve, digital readout thermometer,anti-eddy baffle, supporters with adjustable feet pcs 1
9 B-1 Blending tank 2000L SUS304 stainless steel, double layers, with PU heat insullation,off-center vertical agitator, high speed shearing, conical head, airtight manhole, breather valve, digital readout thermometer,anti-eddy baffle, supporters with adjustable feet pcs 3
10 B-2 Centrifugal pump Q=10T/h SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 36M,mechanical seal pcs 1
11 B-3 Mini set of tubular-type heat exchanger 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, single stage, T1=35°C, temperature automatic control,Spriax Sarco steam control system, JUMO temperature sensor PCS 1
12 B-4 High speed dissolving machine Q=10T/h Main material SUS 304, self-sucking pump, emulsification pump, with feeding platform pcs 1
13 B-5 Centrifugal pump 3M/H SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 36M,mechanical seal PCS 1
14 B-6 Duplex filter Q=5T/h SUS304 stainless steel, 100 Mesh pcs 1
15   Subtotal B        
16 C Pasteurizing unit    
17 C-1 Plate type pasteurizer 2T/h SUS304 stainless steel, inlet temperature 60C, homogenizing, pasteurizing at 90C, 30S holding, outlet temperature 70C/30C, PID semi-auto control, include Spirax Sarco steam control system, milk balance tank, milk pump, plate heat exchanger, pipes and valves, frame and support, electrical control box etc., set 1
18 C-2 High pressure homogenizer 2T/h working pressure; 20MPa,(starting box included) pcs 1
19 C-3 Temporary storage tank 2000L SUS304 stainless steel, double layers, heat insulated, agitator, conical head, airtight manhole, breather valve, digital readout thermometer,anti-eddy baffle, supporters with adjustable feet Set 2
20 C-4 Centrifugal pump 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 36M,mechanical seal PCS 1
21   Subtotal C        
22 D Concentration UNIT    
23 D-1 Coil pipe evaporator 1000 model SUS304 material, water evaporation capacity 1000LPH, coil pipe heating, water injection vacuum pump, CIP cleaning ball Set 2
24 D-2 Screw pump 5T/H SUS304, outlet pressure 0.6Mpa Set 1
25 D-3 Temporary storage tank 2000L SUS304 stainless steel, double layers, heat insulated, agitator, conical head, airtight manhole, breather valve, digital readout thermometer,anti-eddy baffle, supporters with adjustable feet Set 2
26 D-4 Rotor pump 1T/H SUS304 stainless steel, mechanical seal, outlet press 0.6MPa,frequency control of motor speed PCS 2
27 D-5 High pressure homogenizer 1T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 20MPa, including starting cabinet   1
28 D-6 Plate cooler 1T/H SUS304 stainless steel, ice water cooling, 60-30C   1
29   subtotal D;        
30 E Temporary storage & Crystallization Unit    
31 E-1 Crystallization tank 1000L SUS304, horizontal type, PU insulation, cooling jacket, vertical scrapper agitator, digital thermometer, adjustable legs. PCS 3
32 E-2 Screw pump 1T/H SUS304, outlet pressure 0.6Mpa PCS 1
33 E-3 End product tank 5000L SUS304 stainless steel, PU insulation, conical head, sealed manhole, breathing valve, digital show thermometer, plate anti vortex, adjustable legs PCS 1
34 E-4 Screw pump 1T/H SUS304, outlet pressure 0.6Mpa PCS 1
35 E-5 Drying Oven   Electric heating oven, used for heating the seed crystal. PCS 1
36 E-6 lactose crusher   crushed granule sizes;5um PCS 1
37   Subtotal E        
38 F Filling unit    
39 F-1 tin can filling machine and the afterwards system   100 Cans/min, 170g/can, full automatic touch screen control, this system includes; auto filling and seaming machine, unpaper, conveyor, drying machine, date printer, etc. PCS 1
40 F-2 conveyor   SUS304 stainless steelcal, culate by 100 meters, include drive motor and control box set 1
41 F-3 spraying type sterilization system (retort) ¢1500*L4250 full-auto controlled by PLC,touchscreen,recorder without papaer,SUS304,safty device, steam & water mixer, temperature auto controlled and can be adjustable between 80-135 degree set 2
42 F-4 automatic retort crates loading machine   6000 bottles/h,300ml/bottle,
6000 bottles/h,300ml/bottle, use MITSUBISHI PLC programmable controller, Sick photoelectric switch, SCHNEIDER over travel-limit switch, SIEMENS contactor and so on.
set 1
43 F-5 automatic crates unloading machine   6000bottles/h,300ml/bottle, use MITSUBISHI PLC programmable controller, sick photoelectric switch,SCHNEIDER overtravel-limit switch,SIEMENS contactor and so on. set 1
44 F-6 guide way for bottle carrier baskets  
use SUS304 angle steel as the wheel guide path, carbon steel as reinforce plate, angle side with welding 14×14mm, 5mm thick Aluminum Sheet between angle steel lay, support legs are 2×50×50mm sus304 stainless steel tubes, the rest material is 1.5×38×38mm SS304 stainless steel pipes
set 1
45 F-7 Heat- Resistance plastic clapboard   8mm heat resistance plastic sheet with holes set 1
46 F-8 electrical drive cart   transport trolley for the bottle carrier baskets to move back and forth, there are stainless steel guide plate as transition in the direction of the bottle carrier baskets enter into retort and come out , machine frame using carbon steel structure, 5mm aluminum checkered plate covered on the surface set 1
47 F-9 guide path for cart   I-shaped carbon steel guide path, carbon steel structure frame, foundation use wheel and axle connection, with brake reduce motor, with frequency convertible step less reduce electrical box, four-core sheet copper electric brush guide path, plastic external cover, with conductive chain wheel cart, whole journey with carbon steel support and carbon steel bridge, with electric brush guide path set 1
48 F-10 manual rotary plate   90 degree guide path cart turn plate;¢1200mm,round plate is made of 12mm carbon steel plate, carbon steel structure frame, 5mm aluminium checkered plate covered on the surface set 1
49 F-11 floor around baskets loading and unloading machine, and operation platform   5mm aluminium checkered plate covered on the surface; 50×50mm spray-painted carbon steel square tube as supporters set 1
50 F-12 bottle carrier baskets   2mm stainless steel sheet without holes on all around, 4mm ×40mm stainless steel sheet for reinforce, 50mm×50mm stainless steel angle steel all around set 1
51 F-13 baskets bearing plate   30X30X3mm stainless steel square tubes, 2mm stainless steel plate with holes set 1
52 F-14 Bottle drier   side plate of box is 2mm SUS304 stainless steel plate, frame is SUS304 stainless steel, high power fan, big power air hose, inside has stainless steel air spout port set 2
53 F-15 Ink jet printer   spray ink Printing set 1
54 F-16 conveyor and lubricating system   with lubrication liquid barrel, with measuring pump set 1
55   Subtotal J;        
56 G CIP system        
57 G Semi-auto CIP system 4×3T SUS304 stainless steel material, double circuit, four tanks structure, semi-automatic, double layers Acid and alkali tanks with PU insulation , with off-center vertical agitator, electrode type high and low liquid-level meter, single layer clean water tank, with ball float type liquid meter, proceed pump, Concentrated acid/alkali tank adding system based on US technology, Spirax Sarco steam control system, Germany Jumo temperature sensor, plate heat exchanger, 300L×2 acid/alcali Concentrate tanks, material SUS 316, stainless steel electric control cabinet, Schneider electric components set 1



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