Complete tomato paste production line

February 24, 2022
Latest company news about Complete tomato paste production line

We provide a complete automated ketchup production line, which can realize the whole process from fresh tomatoes to packaged products.
The production process of ketchup production line includes several steps, starting from the washing system. Other machines of the production line include sorting system, crushing equipment, preheater and pulping system. In addition, the ketchup production line is also equipped with vacuum concentration system and sterilization device. The final stage of the production line is aseptic filling system. The production capacity is 150 to 1500 tons of ketchup per day.

At the same time, the production line is also suitable for the processing of other vegetables. The same production line can process taro, kidney bean, soybean, sweet corn, strawberry, cherry, diced apple, diced pumpkin, bean sprouts and other fruit and vegetable products. The production line can automatically adjust the blanching time and temperature of vegetables. The conveying speed can also be adjusted to achieve the best treatment effect of various vegetables.

Ketchup production line usually ends with filling unit. The filling device can fill ketchup into cans or bottles. However, in some factories, manufacturers prefer to put the paste in large barrels.


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