Falling film evaporator

September 17, 2021
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Scope of use:
It is suitable for low-temperature continuous evaporation and concentration in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, environmental protection, waste liquid recovery and other industries. It has the main characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short material heating time, so it is especially suitable for heat sensitive, foaming and other materials.
Equipment composition:
It is composed of evaporator, separator, condenser, hot press pump, vacuum pump, feed liquid pump, condensate pump, operation platform, electrical instrument, valve pipeline and other systems.
Performance characteristics:
1. Steam heating is uniform and has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time.
2. Waste heat can be used as heat source to reduce the amount of raw steam.
3. The materials are evenly distributed in each heating pipe of the evaporator through the distribution device. Under the action of gravity, vacuum induction and air flow, the materials form a film and flow from top to bottom. During the movement, they exchange heat with the heating steam on the outer wall of the heating pipe and evaporate.
4. The evaporation process is in vacuum environment, the evaporation temperature is relatively low, and the evaporator is not easy to scale.
5., it is suitable for evaporation and concentration of foaming materials. As the material liquid evaporates in the heating tube, vapor liquid separation is formed, and at the bottom of the effective body, most of the liquid material is removed. Only a small amount of liquid and all two steam enters the separator to strengthen separation. The process of material liquid has not formed too great impact, thus avoiding the formation of foam.
6. For the evaporation and concentration of fruit juice or dairy products, the equipment can also have the sterilization function. The materials are preheated first, and then enter the sterilizer, which can reach 90-125 degrees and maintain for about 30-60 seconds, that is, they enter the effect body. The materials flash rapidly and the temperature drops instantly.
7. The equipment can be equipped with CIP cleaning system to realize local cleaning. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate without dead corner.
8. Steam jet pump can be equipped to reduce steam consumption and save operation cost.
9. Continuous feeding and discharging of equipment.
10. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic control system with complete configuration, operation, monitoring and control functions. The system includes communication interface, display alarm, printing report, control and other parts to realize automatic control of feed quantity, heating temperature, discharge concentration and cleaning.

Technical parameters: (evaporation capacity is designed according to customer needs)
Model BYJM-3-3 BYJM-3-5 BYJM-3-10 BYJM-3-20 BYJM-3-30 BYJM-3-50
Water evaporation(kg/hr) 3000 5000 10000 20000 30000 50000
Raw steam consumption(t /hr) 0.9-1.2 1.5-2 3-4 6-8 9-12 15-20
Raw steam pressure(Mpa) 0.4-0.8
Evaporation water volume per ton of steam (ton) 2.5-3.33
vacuum degree One effect -0.01-0.18
Three effects -0.085
Evaporation temperature One effect 70-115
Three effects 45-55
Overall dimension (L x W x H)m 5X2.8X10 6X3.5X11 7.2X4.1X11.3 9X5.X14 11X6X14 12.5X7.6X14


Note: 1. The model of falling film evaporator is byjm-y-x, where "Y" represents "efficiency" and "X" represents evaporation capacity (the above parameters take three effects as an example, i.e. y = 3).
2. Efficiency and evaporation can be designed according to customer needs.


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