Food processing machinery shears

May 30, 2022
Latest company news about Food processing machinery shears

Shears are patented high shear mixers that can be installed on existing and new tanks, providing customers with the additional benefit of reducing operating costs.

The shear is a compact and optimized energy efficient shear mixer. The mixing device is designed to be welded on existing or new tanks, requiring better and more efficient mixing. The plate shears are welded to the bottom or side of the oil tank. More devices can also be installed on the drum storage tank.

Using the integrated direct drive shears, customers can experience a variety of benefits; Compared with the more traditional hybrid technology, the energy consumption is reduced by 20%, the number of spare parts is the least, and the noise is low.


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Standard equipment
Mixing device with shaft seal
Welding flange
O-ring EPDM
Carbon steel / silicon carbide bellows shaft seal
Double mechanical shaft seal with solenoid valve and throttle valve
Provide other motors, etc. as required.
Extra turbulent propeller
Start / stop box with soft starter
Start / stop box with frequency converter
Shaft seal
Sterile balanced shaft seal carbon / silicon carbide
Sterile balance shaft seal
Application of shears:
Products for spray drying
soft drinks
ice cream
Sugar solution
Pectin solution
Sugar water
Pet food gravy

Reconstituted milk based products
Depending on viscosity type (shear sensitive, e.g. ketchup)


We can design the shears according to customers' needs, so that the performance parameters of the shears can fully match customers' production needs. Our professional after-sales engineers will provide installation and commissioning services for the shears to ensure that customers can correctly use the shears and play an important role in the subsequent production process.