Important links in the construction of new milk processing plant

June 1, 2022
Latest company news about Important links in the construction of new milk processing plant

The construction of a new milk processing plant from scratch has a complex approval process. In different countries, this process is different, but the important links are similar. Today, let's talk about some important links that must be considered before the construction of a new milk processing plant.

• approval process sequence
– site approval
The new milk processing plant needs to use the factory and land, so it needs to submit an application to the food management department, so that they can judge the feasibility of the new milk processing plant.

– facility approval
The new milk processing plant is not only milk processing equipment, but also related supporting facilities. These facilities must be built simultaneously. Only perfect supporting facilities can make the milk processing plant truly successful.
• waste water
The new milk processing plant needs to produce a large amount of wastewater. The treatment and environmental protection of these wastewater need to be clarified before construction, and must also be recognized by the environmental management department.
• drinking water
Milk processing plants need a lot of water resources, and the supply and pipeline construction of these water resources should also be planned in advance.
• septic tank
If there are cows in the milk factory, the septic tank is also an essential facility, and these buildings must also submit an application and approval.
• orientation of all facility drains
How to arrange the drainage pipeline of the milk processing plant? How to make full use of water resources and how to treat wastewater must be considered together.

– equipment approval
Milk processing plants need to use a large number of milk processing equipment. The purchase and use of these equipment need to be approved by relevant departments. We need to determine their approval conditions before purchase.
• before purchase and installation
• after installation of milk processing plant equipment

– approved plant layout and design
Before the construction of the milk processing plant, we have to submit relevant layout drawings to the management department for certification. Only after they agree, can we carry out the next construction work.

– accredited laboratories
The laboratory of the milk processing plant also needs to submit relevant reports, and can only be constructed after approval.

– special license
According to different regional management regulations, our large milk processing plants sometimes need special licenses.
• factory license
• transportation / sampler license

– chemical certification
The milk processing factory also needs some other certificates. We must have a plan to deal with these certificates systematically, instead of being unable to take them out when we really need them. With a clear management plan, our milk processing factory can succeed quickly and all the investment can be repaid quickly.


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