Processing of Soft Date Kiwi Fruit Enzyme Compound Beverage

August 24, 2023
Latest company news about Processing of Soft Date Kiwi Fruit Enzyme Compound Beverage

Soft jujube kiwifruit is a perennial deciduous vine plant belonging to the kiwifruit family and kiwifruit genus. It is one of the famous economic wild fruits in the Changbai Mountain area. Its color is emerald green, tender and juicy, with a unique flavor and a sweet and sour taste. Soft jujube kiwifruit has high nutritional value and contains beneficial chemical components such as volatile oils, triterpenes, flavonoids, etc. It also has pharmacological activities such as tumor suppression, radiation resistance, improving immune function, anti-aging, treating allergic dermatitis, and anti-asthma. Fruit enzymes refer to functional products made from one or more fresh fruits and other raw materials through microbial fermentation, containing rich nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc. The protease contained in fruit enzymes can catalyze protein hydrolysis, which is beneficial for the body's digestion and absorption; Lipase can hydrolyze the ester bonds between fatty acids and glycerol in fats and oils, breaking down fats and oils; Through fermentation, the raw material tissue is disrupted by the action of microorganisms, and its functional components are fully released and transformed into small molecule nutrients that are easily absorbed by the human body. Through fermentation and transformation, its efficacy can be further increased, its side effects can be reduced, or bioactive substances can be produced that promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, lower blood lipids, resist oxidation, and improve the body's immune function. The combination of soft jujube kiwifruit and fruit enzymes can not only enrich the taste of enzymes by utilizing the flavor of soft jujube kiwifruit, but also enrich the nutrients of soft jujube kiwifruit. Processing soft jujube kiwi fruit enzyme beverage will add new products to the beverage industry.

latest company news about Processing of Soft Date Kiwi Fruit Enzyme Compound Beverage  0
1、 Processing raw materials
Kiwi fruit with soft dates, fruit enzymes, citric acid, erythritol, vitamin C, xanthan gum, and konjac gum.


2、 Process flow
Cleaning and peeling of soft jujube kiwifruit → Juicing → Taking an appropriate amount of soft jujube kiwifruit juice → Adding an appropriate amount of enzyme → Adding an appropriate amount of erythritol → Adding an appropriate amount of citric acid → Adding an appropriate amount of vitamin C → Adding an appropriate amount of xanthan gum and konjac gum → Mixing well → Finished product.


3、 Key points of operation


1. Preparation of soft jujube kiwifruit juice.
Select kiwifruit with soft dates and clean thoroughly. Grind the soft jujube kiwifruit in a ratio of 1:4 water to form a pulp, filter it, and take the juice for later use.


2. Allocation.
Dissolve fruit enzymes, citric acid, erythritol and other raw materials in proportion in the soft jujube kiwifruit juice, stir and mix well. The optimal formula is 22% soft jujube kiwifruit juice, 5% fruit enzyme, 0.03% citric acid, and 14% erythritol. The soft jujube kiwifruit enzyme beverage prepared in this ratio has a uniform and glossy color, with the unique refreshing aroma of soft jujube kiwifruit, and retains the nutritional components of soft jujube kiwifruit and fruit enzymes. And add an appropriate amount of vitamin C, xanthan gum, and konjac gum.


3. Filtering.
Filter the prepared soft jujube kiwifruit enzyme composite beverage using filter paper as the medium.


4. Filling and sterilization.
The filtered beverage is filled and capped in a glass bottle, sterilized at 115 ℃ for 30 minutes, and cooled to obtain the finished product. The pH value of the finished product is 2.94; The soluble solid content is 14.5%.



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