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4000T/HGoat Camel Milk Production Line Full Auto Valve System

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name BEYOND
Certification ISO 9001/SGS/CE/TUV
Model Number BY-UT
Minimum Order Quantity 1SET
Price 100000USD-800000USD/set
Packaging Details export standard packing, worthy for long distance sea shipping
Delivery Time 80-100days upon the recipt of downpayment and confirmation of drawings
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, west union
Supply Ability 20 sets per month
Product Details
Material SUS 304or SUS316 Voltage 380V 50Hz/110V 60hz/415V 50Hz
Filling Temperature 20~30 ℃ Capacity 5-200TPD
Certification ISO9001/CE/SGS Warranty 12 Months After Commissioning
After Sales Service Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas Manufacturer History About 200-4000T/H,
Effeciency High Effeciency
High Light

4000T/H camel milk production line


4000T/H Goat milk production line


auto valve milk production equipment

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Product Description

Yogurt production line processing equipment Goat milk and camel milk production line Small milk production line4000T/HGoat Camel Milk Production Line Full Auto Valve System 0

Pasteurizer consists of balance tank, centrifugal pump, heat exchange plate, water heating system, sensor and pneumatic valve.
Production capacity range: customization
Technical application: preheat fresh milk to reach the appropriate processing temperature of system equipment, pasteurized milk and cooled pasteurized milk.
Main structure / technical features: four section plate pasteurizer, input temperature 4 º C, separation temperature ~ 45 º C, homogenization temperature ~ 66 º C, pasteurization temperature 72 º C / 15s, output temperature of cooling section 4 º C, SUS304 stainless steel plate, with pneumatic return valve, safety valve and stainless steel control surface plate.
Steam part: equipped with pressure reducing valve and regulating valve.
Automatic control range: automatic pasteurization control, automatic return when the pasteurization temperature is not reached. If the cooling temperature is not reached, it will return automatically.
Heat recovery rate: ≥ 90%
Cleaning: the machine is cleaned independently.

4000T/HGoat Camel Milk Production Line Full Auto Valve System 1


Brief introuction of UHT dairy processing plant 

Brand Name: Shanghai Beyond
Model Number: BY-UM
Capacity 5-200TPD
Raw material

Fresh cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, camel milk

or milk powder, or both mixed

End product Pure milk, UHT milk, long shelf life milk
Shelf life

35-40days, 3months, 6months, 12months

(keep at room temperature )

Final product fat (%)

Semi-skimmed or double toned milk (1.5%);

Full cream(3% or 6%); Toned milk(3%)

SNF 8.5%(min)
Main material for machines SUS304 or SUS316
Package for end product plastic pouch
Certification: ISO9001/CE/SGS
Place of Origin: China
Manufacturer history More than 10years

4000T/HGoat Camel Milk Production Line Full Auto Valve System 2

Milk separator
Fresh milk processing capacity: customized
Technical application: purify milk, separate fat and standardize milk.
Main structure / technical features: vertical high-speed centrifugal disc separation structure. The parts in contact with milk are made of AISI 304 stainless steel or stainless steel alloy, which has the characteristics suitable for milk operation and complies with food hygiene standards. The lock ring is made of alloy material. The integrated operation of automatic unloading and manual unloading can be used.
Fat content in skimmed milk: ≤ 0.1%
Cleaning: cleaning in series with the pipeline.
Milk homogenizer
Production capacity: customized
Maximum working pressure: 25-150 MPa.
Continuous working pressure: 20-120mpa.
Technical use: refine fat balls to evenly distribute fat in milk and prevent fat from floating, so as to ensure pasteurization effect.
Main structure / technical features: high pressure three cylinder piston homogenizer. Parts in contact with milk are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Parts working in high-pressure areas are made of high-pressure and corrosion-resistant alloy materials. The protection box is made of AISI304 stainless steel.
Cleaning: cleaning in series with the pipeline.


Features and advantages:

1. Processing capacity can be ranged from 2T/Day to 1000T/Day.

2. High standard design, manufacture and project installation requirements, which guarantee the first-class finish products in the dairy processing line.

3. PLC control the whole production line, saving labor force and facilitate production management.

4. Full-auto CIP cleaning, to ensure whole production line equipments meet food sanitary safety requirements.

5. Whole line with features as high level automatic, low labour intensity, easy operation, safe function and low operation cost.

6. Whole line adopt sanitary design, can be cleaned thoroughly, with high level sanitation.


Equipment list and technical details:

Flow No. Name Size Main technology parameter Unit QTY
A Milk collection and storage unit
A-1 chiling tank V=3000L SUS304 stainless steel,dimple pad jacket,attached with compressor, temperature automatic control, sealed manhole, breath valve, CIP spray ball, entire frame support pcs 2
A-2 milk transport tank V=5000L SUS304 stainless steel, PU insulation, devided to 2 chambers, saddel type legs, with two manholes, spray balls, product outlet etc pcs 1
A-3 loadometer   maximum weighing 15T PCS 1
A-4 Milk pump 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, pump lift is 24 meters, mechanical seal Set 1
A-5 Twin piping filter 5T/H SUS304 stainless steel, two pipes, stainless steal filter element 100 mesh Set 1
A-6 Milk cooling tank 3000L
SUS304 stainless steel,dimple pad jacket,equipped with compressor,temperature automatic control,sealed manhole, breath valve, CIP spray ball, entire frame support
Set 2
A-7 Milk pump 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, pump lift is 24 meters, mechanical seal Set 1
A-8 Milk pump 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, pump lift is 24 meters, mechanical seal Set 1
A-9 powder and liquid mixer 10T/h SUS304,horizontal type set 1
B pasteurizing unit
plate pasteurizer
1T/H SUS304 stainless steel, plate type, product inlet temperature 5℃, cream separator temperature 55℃,homogenizer temperature 65℃, pasteurization temperature 72-95℃,15S,output temperature 5℃,semi-automatic control Set 1
B-2 High pressure homogenizer 1T/H 25MPa, including starting cabinet PCS 1
B-3 buffer storage tank 2000L material is SUS304,insulation,with decentration agitator,conical head,sealed manhole,breather vent,simple valve,digital show thermometer,plate anti vortex,adjustable legs PCS 1
B-4 Milk pump 3T/H SUS304 stainless steel, pump lift is 24 meters, mechanical seal Set 1
C Sterilization & Filling unit
C-1 Tubular sterilizer 1-1.25T/H SUS304 stainless steel, aseptic tye, tubular type, inlet temperature 5℃, sterilization parameters:137℃,4S,output temperature 10-20℃,PLC automatic control Set 1
C-2 Full-automatic
vacuum degasser
1-1.25T/H Full-automatic control, SUS304 stainless steel, differential pressure transducer imported from Germany Labom, working vacuum degree -0.64~-0.85Kpa, flow control is frequency converted type, working together with sterilizer, with condensing device PCS 1
C-3 High pressure homogenizer 1-1.25T/H
25MPa, including starting cabinet, frequency conversion control
C-4 Aseptic pouch filling machine   one head,4500pcs/hour, 250ml/pcs PCS 1
C-5 belt conveyor   material SUS304, length 4m PCS 1
D CIP system
D-1 Semi-automatic CIP system 3×0.8T SUS304 stainless steel, conjoined structure with single cleaning way, concentrated acid/alkali tank adding system based on US technology, temperature automatic control, 50L×2 acid/alkali concentrate tanks Set 1
D-R CIP return pump 20T/H SUS316L stainless steel, pump lift is 24 meters, mechanical seal Set 3
E-1 chiller   air-cooled compressor,with F22 as chilling medium, 20000Kcal, with ice water tank and ice water pump pcs 1
E-2 steam boiler Q=500Kg/h coal-burning type, steam pressure 8bar, with water treatment and dust remover pcs 1
E-3 air compressor Q=1m3/min screw type air compressor, include air storage tank, cold drier unit etc pcs 1
E-4 RO water treatment system 2T/h including sand filter, carbon filter, ion exchange,one stage RO system, automatic control SET 1
E-5 water tank 5000L SUS304, single layer SET 2
F Installation part
F-1 Stainless steel piping system   Including CIP system and all product pipe line of whole preparation unit up to filling part, SMS standard, ¢63, ¢51, ¢38 Set 1
F-2 Power piping system   Power pipe line of whole preparation stage till filling part, not include heat insulation Set 1
F-3 Electric controling box  
Control all equipments of whole preparation stage up to filling part
Set 1
F-4 Electric installation material   Electric installation material of all equipments of whole preparation stage up stoped at filling part Set 1
F-5 Mounting and debugging fee  
Domestic mounting and debugging of all machines offered by Beyond (if out of China, the buyer should pay the round-air ticket fee and road cost , the food and hotel fee person per day for subsidy)
Set 1



Factory preparation requirement for 1500LPH UHT Dairy Processing Plant from Milk Powder Or Fresh Milk

Product Name 5-200TPD Long shelf life UHT milk line
Processing line type Complete turn-key project
Power consumption(Kw) energy saving type, about 100-500kw,
Operator needed About 4-18persons
Cooling water consumption About 60-500M3
Steam consumption About 200-4000T/H,
Factory space needed About 400-6000Sqm
Warranty 12 months



4000T/HGoat Camel Milk Production Line Full Auto Valve System 34000T/HGoat Camel Milk Production Line Full Auto Valve System 4


Q: how do we confirm the details of the product?
A: we will provide all drawings for your confirmation.
Q: if we have special requirements, will you charge us?
No, we won't. Free drafting or quotation.
Q: how long is the warranty period?
A: 1 year warranty
Q: how about the installation? What if the machine breaks down
A: Yes, we will. There are two options
a. As for the expenses of your company's air ticket, commissioning and our designated company's air ticket,
Accommodation and labor costs will be borne by you.
b. Online services will be provided. If it is still within the warranty period, the necessary accessories and parts will be provided free of charge, but the transportation cost shall be borne by you.
Q: do you accept letter of credit?
Yes, we accept Western Union remittance, telegraphic transfer and irrevocable letter of credit
Q: can we become your distributor in our country?
Yes, we welcome you very much! If you are interested in becoming our agent, we will discuss more details.