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Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Shanghai Beyond
Certification ISO9001/CE/SGS
Model Number BY-BL
Minimum Order Quantity 1set
Price USD100000-150000/Set
Packaging Details Export standard package
Delivery Time 60-100 working days upon receipt of payment and confirmed the drawings
Supply Ability 50sets/Year
Product Details
Raw Material Fresh Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk, Goat Milk, Camel Milk Or Milk Powder, Or Both Mixed Shelf Life 60days-360days
Package For End Product Plastic Bag, Plastic Container, Vacuum Package Or Others Warranty 12 Months After Commissioning
After Sales Service Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas Product Name Butter Churn Ghee Making Machine
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Churn Ghee Making Machine


Industrial Butter Processing Equipment


Butter Processing Equipment Automatic

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Product Description

Butter Churn Ghee making machine automatic industrial Butter processing equipment

Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 0


Margarine production line
Margarine is a mixture of water (14-35%) and oil (86-65%).
Aqueous phase and fatty phase were prepared respectively. Then mix the two phases and add emulsifier. The mixture is pasteurized and sent to the plasticizer.
Tofu (soy cheese) production line
Tofu is obtained from the solidification of soybean extract. This kind of cheese provides human body with protein with high biological value, high digestibility and nutritional value. It is a good substitute for cheese, meat and eggs. Tofu Cheese is widely used and delicate. It is especially suitable for salads, soups, sauces and desserts.
The tofu production line can be continuous or discontinuous.


Cream processing line
A new multipurpose cream suitable for all ordinary pastry and cooking applications. Used as a primer for whipping, topping, filling and decoration materials. Whipped cream base has fine taste, milky white, excellent taste, good overflow rate and processability.
Average composition:
50-55% water
20-33% vegetable fat
7% solids (different powders such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, caseinates)
10% sugar (can also be produced without sugar)
The most important stage in the mixing process is mixing, which must break and emulsify the fatty substances. The product is then sterilized at 140 ° C (UHT) and sent to a sterile filling machine. Alternatively, the product can be pasteurized and frozen.


1.Opportunity to realize products with customized recipes.
2.Opportunity to produce more than one product with the same processing line.
3.High quality of the final product keeping an elevated nutritional value.
4.Wide customization of the final product.
5.Maximum yield, minimum production waste.
6.Highest energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.
7.Complete line supervision system through monitoring of every process phase.
8.Recording, visualization and printing of all daily production data.

Brief Information:

Brand Name: Shanghai Beyond
Model Number: BY-CL
Capacity 200-50000LPD
Raw material

Fresh cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, camel milk

or milk powder, or both mixed

Shelf life 60days-360days
Main material for machines SUS304 or SUS316
Package for end product

plastic bag, plastic container,

vacuum package or others

Certification: ISO9001/CE/SGS
Place of Origin: China
Manufacturer history More than 10years


Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 1


1. Pack the cream

Pump 35 - 40% fat, properly aged pasteurized cream into a blender. The cream is filled to 40 - 45% of the mixer volume. Cream may ripen.

2. to stir

The agitator can run at different speeds. The speed range depends on the size and shape of the agitator. The cream is whipped at whipping speed (60 - 100 rpm). The cream is whipped nicely by the corners, edges and other irregularities in the whisk. During the stirring operation, chilled water is sprayed on the stirrer. It takes about 35-40 minutes to form peanut-sized butter granules.

3. Drain the buttermilk

Stop stirring and drain buttermilk. Add an equal amount of pasteurized wash water.

4. Washing

Start stirring again. The wash water is drained after a while. Usually two to three washes are required.

5. Work

Drain the wash water and add salt. The agitation is then run at a lower speed to do the work compared to the agitation. After 3-5 minutes, take a sample and adjust the moisture by adding the desired amount of water. Process until desired body and texture are achieved. A vacuum of 5 m water level is applied during the work to provide a tight texture by reducing the air content.


6. Unpacking

Butter is unloaded in trolleys and sold in packages. Different types of packaging machines are used for the required packaging size.

take care of drain

1. The drive gear should be filled with lubricating oil and replaced every other year.
2. Do not change the speed while the mixer is running.
3. A solid foundation is necessary.
4. Gaskets are to be kept leak-proof.
5. Appropriate roughness should be maintained inside the agitator.
6. Properly clean the mixer after operation.


Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 2

Our Services


1. Allotted for equipment inspection certificate and manual, to ensure that users properly install and use

2. Equipment to reach the destination, the company will send engineers to guide installation and commissioning and customer training until satisfied

3. The warranty period will be free to customers wearing accessories, shelf life outside of my company to provide parts at cost.

4. I provide lifelong maintenance service, including if necessary, to send engineers to the customer at the service.




Equipment list for 1000LPH pasteurized milk, cream, butter production line 


Item #
Item Capacity Qty Technical Specification
A-1 electronic scale   1-pcs maximum weighing 500KG, indictor board is SUS304, size:700*1000 MM
A-2 milk weighing tank V=300L 1-pcs made of SUS stainless steal,single layer,product fed in through 40 mesh filter net,CIP cleaning ball
A-3 milk acceptor V=500L 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,single layer,CIP cleaning ball
A-4 milk pump Q=10T/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M
A-5 twin piping filter Q=10T/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,two pipe,Stainless Steel Filter Element 100 Mesh
A-6 chiling tank V=4000L 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,alveolate jacket,attached with compressor,temperature automatic control
A-7 milk pump Q=10T/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M
A-8 Plate cooler 5T/h 1-pcs SUS316,△tm=15℃
B-1 plate type
Q=1T/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel, plate type, inlet temperature 4℃,pasteurizing temperature 85-90℃,holding temperature 15S,outlet temperature 4/42℃,300S temperature holding connection reserved,PID temperature auto control, include milk balance tank, milk pump, plate heat exchanger,pipes and valves, frame and support, electrical control box etc.
B-2 cream seperator Q=1T/h 1-pcs fully automatic control box, auto discharge dregs, with friction when starting, pressure at outlet ≤2bar,fat content in skimmed milk≤0.1%
B-3 high pressure homogenizer Q=1000lit/h 1-pcs 25MPA, two stage homogenizer, starting box included , stainless steel housing, product contact parts is SUS304 stainless steel
B-4 temperature holding tank Q=1T/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel, holding for 300S for yoghurt pasteurization, coil pipe, use rock wool as insulation
C-1 high position fermentation tank V=1000L 2-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,heat insulated with dimple jacket,vertical agitator,conical head,airtight manhole, breather valve,digital readout thermometer,anti-vortex baffle,supporters with adjustable feet
C-2 High positioned Pasteurized Milk storage tank V=1000L 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,heat insulated,top off- center vertical agitator,conical top,airtight manhole, breather valve,digital readout thermometer,anti-vortex baffle,supporters with adjustable feet
C-3 cream storage tank V=300L 1-pcs SUS304,with heat insulation ,Miller Jacket,the speed of vertical agitator with scraper is15-30rpm.digital display thermometer, CIP cleaning ball
C-4 butter-churner(automatic butter making machine) V=300L 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel, stainless steel control box, frequency convertor adjustable, spraying cooling, with protection cover
C-5 plastic pouch filling machine with date coding device   1-pcs stainless steel external housing, gravity flowing filling, volume 250ml-500ml,500ml-1000ml/bag, 1000-2000bags/hour, plastic pouch filling, film width 320mm,central sealing type
C-6 plastic cup filling machine   1-pcs Stainless steel SUS 304, Plastic cup filling, rotary type; Filling volume 250ml-500 ml/cup adjustable,1000 – 2000 cups/hours; diameter of cup neck should be same;
Filling Accuracy: 0.5 %, easy to operate and minimum
maintenance rate.
automatic cup dropping (cups can be stacked without sticking together), automatic filling, automatic foil sucking, automatic sealing, auto cup unloading
C-7 high level platform   1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel, dimension is 6000*2500*2200mm, water collected for drainage, with staircase and handrail
D-1 CIP system Q=10t/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel, union style, tanks volume 0.8T×3, electrical heating, with discharge pump
D-2 CIP return
Q=20T/h 1-pcs SUS304 stainless steel,pump lift 24M,hard alloy mechanical seal,inner shell bright polished
E-1 refrigerator unit   1-pcs air-cooled compressor,with freon as chilling medium,40000Kcal,with ice water pool and pump
E-2 hot water boiler Q=1000L/h 1-pcs output water temperature is 100degc, electricity power 90kw, with recirculation water pump, temprature auto control
E-3 cold room V=25M3 1-pcs Cool with Freon, temperature 5 degree,double surface color steel jacketed PU insulation sheet, thickness 100mm, single way manual sliding door,power 4kw
E-4 Incubation chamber 2mx2mx3.5m 1-pcs
electric heat,size:2000*2000*3500mm
E-5 air compressor Q=1m3/min 1-pcs screw type air compressor,with air storage tank, cold drier unit etc
E-6 Laboratory equipment’s   1-set refer to Attachment # 3
E-7 Water softener unit Q=1000L/h 1-set The boiler provided by BEYOND using hot water recirculation system,no need soft water
F-1 stainless piping system   1-set including CIP systemand all product pipe line ,SMS standard,¢63,¢51,¢38
F-2 power piping system   1-set power pipe line ,customer provide pipes heat insulation
F-3 electric controlling box   1-set controls of all equipments,customer connect the electic cable to the electric controlling box of Beyond company
F-4 electric installation material   1-set electric installation material of all equipments



Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 3Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 4Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 5


Service flow chart


Automatic Industrial Butter Processing Equipment Churn Ghee Making Machine 6