Brewing beer equipment

September 17, 2022
Latest company news about Brewing beer equipment

Brewing beer equipment can efficiently produce various types of beer. It is an important production equipment of brewery. Brewing beer equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, fully in line with international food industry standards.


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Features of craft beer equipment:
1. The appearance is neat and generous.
2. Good insulation effect.
3. Visual operation controlled by PLC.
4. Low energy consumption of about 20%;

Saccharification system of craft beer equipment
The saccharification system is composed of 1 container saccharification system, 2 container sugar water systems, 3 containers and other designs, mainly including saccharification tank, brewing kettle, washing tank and whirlpool.
The main components of the system equipment are SUS304 and SS316 that meet the international standard. (The company can also customize high-quality copper equipment according to the user's location.).
All pipes and valves between the whole equipment shall be connected with sanitary joints for easy connection, installation, removal, movement and replacement. At present, we use electric heating, steam heating, gas heating and direct fire heating to heat the syrup heating system.

Fermentation system of craft beer equipment
The fermentation tank adopts a two-stage refrigerant cooling control mode of cooling jacket and cone cylinder. Therefore, this design and cooling method controls the flow of the coolant state in the fermentation tank through the size of the two-stage cooling refrigerant flow. It will improve the heat transfer efficiency and cooling speed, accelerate the cooling speed, reduce the cooling cost, and improve the economy of commercial operation of equipment.

Storage tank of craft beer equipment:
1. Capacity: 50L-30000L, 1bbl-100bbl,+25% top space
2. Inner shell thickness 3-6mm, outer shell=2mm
3. 100% TIG welding with pure argon protection
4. Internal finish: pickling and passivation, external polishing, 80mm insulation
5. Test pressure 3 bar, working pressure 1.5 bar
6. Glycol area (side and bottom)
7. Fermoner's 60 ° tapered bottom, unshaded side manhole
8. Swing arm, sampling valve, top relief valve and top dry jump
9. 3 bar mechanical safety valve on CIP arm with pressure gauge
10. Adjustable oil tank leveling pad

Introduction to craft beer equipment
Malt grinding system
Malt mill
Saccharification system
Saccharification tank/boiling tank
Vortex trough
Hot water tank
Malt/wort/hot water pump motor
Wort oxygenation device
operating platform
Plate heat exchanger
Fermentation system
Beer fermentation tank
Bright beer can
Yeast adding tank
Accessories, such as sampling valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, etc
Cooling system
Ice water tank
Refrigeration unit
Ice water pump
CIP cleaning system
Disinfection tank, alkali tank, cleaning pump, etc.
For the control system, we have PLC automatic and semi-automatic components, including LG, Siemens, etc.
Barrel system
Barrel system (barrel washer and barrel filling machine).

Packaging and shipping of craft beer equipment
1. Sea transportation, railway transportation and express delivery.
2. Whether it's flat packaging to save transportation costs or packing your goods into all assembled displays for transportation, it's up to you.
3. We have our own department to arrange shipment. We transport by sea, rail or express across the globe. We will provide all the files you need to import.
4. We pack the goods to meet the transportation distance, shockproof, rust proof and anti handling requirements for damage before shipment, and ensure that the goods are safely transported to the place designated by the Buyer before shipment.

Service of craft beer equipment
1. Lifelong after-sales service.
2. We will serve you 24 hours a day and solve your urgent problems at the first time.
3. The main products are guaranteed for 1 year.
4. Free 2D or 3D layout design for your brewery.
5. Provide spare parts replacement and maintenance services.
6. Engineers go abroad for installation, commissioning and technical training.
7. Provide forms E, CO, etc. Other necessary documents to reduce import tax for you.
8. Once we test, provide updated information about brewing equipment technology.
9. Help you to send the goods. If you have orders from other companies, they will be sent to you together.
10. Door to door service if you need any brewing parts.

Customer Q&A of craft beer equipment
Q1: What equipment can you provide?
A1: We are a professional manufacturer of craft beer and fruit wine equipment, and we can provide family brewing equipment; Brewing equipment in hotels, restaurants and bars; We have served more than 60 countries and regions in terms of micro brewery equipment and brewery equipment.
Q2: What model can you provide?
A2: We have many models, such as 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, etc. If you have other sizes, our engineers will specially design the equipment for you, and we have a professional team of engineers to serve you.
Q3: What types of heating can you provide?
A3: We have direct fire, electric tube, electric steam, oil steam and gas steam heating types. You can consider which is convenient for you.
Q4: Can you tell me what equipment you need?
If you are interested in our equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us to get the latest product information and prices.