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November 16, 2022
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Milk is a very valuable product consumed around the world. The delicious products mainly come from cows, but other sources are goats and camels.
The product is widely used in food, beverage, snacks and household products. Whole milk is processed into evaporated milk, sugar free concentrated milk, yogurt and sweetened concentrated milk. Sweetened condensed milk is realized by adding sugar, which can also act as a preservative. The condensed milk without sugar is heated and sterilized in the packaging process.
Whole milk evaporates water completely or partially to obtain condensed milk. This process can be achieved regardless of the sugar content in milk.
The simple process of producing condensed milk is standardized, heated to induce evaporation and remove microorganisms. Sweetness can be obtained by adding sugar early in the process.

How to Start the Sugar Enriched Milk Factory
Before you start your enterprise, you need to take some steps. Conduct a feasibility study to determine the market potential of your community. Research other manufacturers of products to understand their marketing strategies. Learn how to turn whole milk into condensed milk through practical lessons.
Other ways to obtain knowledge are through online publications, books, tutorials and seminars. Don't forget your business plan.

Site selection of concentrated milk factory
You need a sterile environment to produce safe condensed milk. Rent a small factory or work from home. This business is big and small. You can locate the milk factory in a busy market or near the raw milk.
Large condensed milk producers have their own dairy farms and factories. They produce evaporated milk, sugar free condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk. The factory shall have a good road network and sufficient parking spaces.

Registered company
Limited liability and unlimited liability depend on the business model you choose. Register the enterprise name and apply for VAT identification.
Your product will also pass standardized testing and certification. Study anti pollution laws and local government requirements.
Use of concentrated milk
Concentrated milk is used to add flavor to coffee or tea. Milk is added to chocolate toppings, which are ingredients for cold cakes, pies and fruit puddings. Other uses include cookies, candy and candy.

How to process evaporated milk
Before setting up a condensed milk production company, you need to learn how to convert whole milk into condensed milk. There are two kinds of condensed milk: sweetened condensed milk and unsweetened condensed milk.
Standardized milk is used to process evaporated milk. Standardized milk is heated to induce evaporation and homogenization. After cooling, it is subject to standardization test. The evaporated milk is then packaged in sealed containers, such as bottles, nylon, cans, and sterilized.
Sweetened concentrated milk
Whole milk and sugar are added to whole milk. The next process is homogenization, then pasteurization, and finally crystallization.
Sweetened condensed milk goes through these stages. Standardized milk sweetened, evaporated, cooled, crystallized - sterilized, packaged and sealed.

Establish company website
There is nothing wrong with setting up a website to display your dairy products. Ensure that the packaging is beautiful and attractive. Hire website developers to create websites and add important features.

Marketing of concentrated milk
Evaporated milk and condensed milk have a huge market. Competition between top brands and companies is fierce. Small manufacturers need to develop a niche market to compete with strong brands. Focus on local shops, kiosks, supermarkets and stores in your community. Target advertising, discounts and interesting promotions. Make sure you produce high quality milk to maintain your customers.


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