Cheese production line and cloud information processing

March 31, 2022
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Automation automates a single cheese production task without manual execution. However, the cloud receives data from different sources, makes decisions based on the data, and guides the production process accordingly.
Making full use of the cloud can promote the operation of cheese factories, ensure the consistent quality of cheese produced, and help to respond quickly to changes in consumption habits and the demand for seasonal flavor.

The whole process is in the cloud
The whole process of cheese making from dairy farms to consumer refrigerators can be brought to the cloud.
1. At the dairy farm
In a dairy farm, cows are now identified by sensor collars. Among other things, identification helps to feed cows alone. Their milk determination methods are similar, so they can be distributed to different cans. In this way, dairy farms have been collecting data. With the help of the cloud, the data can be used for cheese making.
2. In the cheese factory
The cloud sends milk related data directly to the cheese factory, and then they always know what kind of milk the cheese factory will supply and the order of milk. For example, these data can be used to use different types of milk for different purposes, or to make different types of milk into mixtures to make the milk as uniform as possible.
When cheese factories start making cheese, this stage is also related to the cloud. Sensors help monitor the consistency of cheese quality and collect valuable information, such as the impact of different types of milk on the final product.
In addition, data related to machine operation continues to flow to the cloud. By combining useful capacity, power supply and other data, you can know the production capacity of the machine at any time. The data collected in the cloud helps to estimate service demand in advance and predict future failures. This helps minimize downtime and schedule downtime at a convenient time. In this way, the production of cheese factory can be carried out in a planned and flexible manner according to different conditions.
3. In the shop
Stores collect detailed information about the sales of different products. By transmitting the data to the cloud, we can accurately understand how the demand for different types of cheese changes, for example, with the change of season, or how different special prices affect the sales of cheese. With these data, cheese factories can optimize production and respond to changes in demand in a short time.
Data collected at different stages of cheese making are merged and refined in the cloud. When the amount of data increases, the cloud can make better decisions. Therefore, data is also a truly valuable resource in cheese processing - and the cloud is the best way to organize data collection and processing.


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What does cloud mean to cheese factory?
From the perspective of cheese factories, making full use of the data collected in the cloud means more efficient cheese production and optimization. Clouds help make the right kind and amount of cheese at the right time. This means not doing anything unnecessary or extra.
We will help you bring your products to the cloud
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