How cheese producers respond to new trends in the industry

March 31, 2022
Latest company news about How cheese producers respond to new trends in the industry

Test batches and varieties are becoming more and more important
As mentioned above, the range of cheese flavors will increase almost exponentially. Therefore, cheese and dairy factories can no longer carry out the whole production based on a popular product. In the future, cheese and dairy factories must also be able to provide diversified products at a fast speed.

Consumers must constantly obtain new flavors, the importance of seasonal cheese flavors (such as Christmas Specials) will increase, and companies will want to entrust unique private brand cheese for their own purposes. Therefore, cheese factories must find cost-effective ways to develop products and produce test batches.

Technology and automation will revolutionize cheese making
The pressure to increase the variety of cheese, carry out continuous testing and product development also poses challenges to the equipment and technology used in cheese manufacturing. This is because the large-scale traditional production line only produces one type of cheese, which can not be easily used to produce a single production batch and rapid experiment.
Therefore, modern cheese barrels must be flexible and adaptable in a new way. After producing one batch, the production line must be able to produce another batch of completely different products as soon as possible. Instruments that can be quickly replaced, easily cleaned and programmed can provide great help. With the help of programmability, several different programs (i.e. recipes) can be stored in the memory of the cheese jar, so these recipes can be easily adjusted or manufactured without change by pressing a button.

Get rid of excess costs
The flexibility of production helps cheese and dairy factories respond better to sales. According to statistics and evaluation, investing in a new traditional style production line is always risky. If consumers do not find new cheese as expected, the investment will cause huge losses. However, if you have multifunctional and scalable devices, you can respond to sales changes without hesitation. Any sales worse than expected will no longer pose such a disaster to your business.

The increase in the number of experiments and batches of different types of cheese also means that cheese dairy factories must pay more attention to product development to ensure that the finished products are always as good as possible. However, it is unwise to sacrifice production batches worth thousands of litres for product development. Instead, a more viable option is to use MKT's 50 liter pilot VAT.

Use our help to control trends
There are some considerable trends in the cheese industry, which will have an inevitable impact on its development. We estimate that these trends are such that any cheese and dairy products that want to succeed should be prepared for them.
Our fully automatic cheese production line meets the needs of modern cheese and dairy products. It will make the production of different cheeses flexible, economical and unified. The turnkey project of cheese production line will enable you to cope with the changes and challenges from the cheese market.


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