Cooling solutions for industrial milk

July 14, 2022
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For milk processing plants or large dairy farms, large-scale storage of milk is very important. We need large-scale milk storage equipment. We have professional direct cooling tanks in BEYOND to meet this demand for you.

Improve milk quality
This integrated milk cooling solution is the main system of dairy factories around the world. At beyond, we have improved this system to improve the quality of your milk while ensuring the service life of all milk cooling and storage equipment.

Dairy solution description
Precooling and instant cooling of your milk
For farms with fewer than 500 cows, a single milk cooler and buffer tank system is usually used. During milk taking and cleaning, cold milk is pumped into non cooling buffer tank. Special controls coordinate the robot and the cooling system until the milk can be moved into the empty milk cooler.

During milk taking and bulk tank cleaning, the quality of milk is maintained by precooling. Precooling is completed by multi load plate cooler. When milk flows through a series of stainless steel plates, it uses well water and frozen glycol water to transfer heat from milk to cold water. This technology is fast and energy-saving.

The packaging cooler and the plate cooler immediately cool the milk on the conveying line when the milk leaves the automatic milking compartment. This process can prevent bacteria, fatty acids and excessive agitation of the milk cooler, thereby improving the quality of your milk and helping to ensure that the highest quality milk is delivered to the processing plant.

After cleaning, the milk cooler can receive milk. The pre cooled raw milk is then moved from the buffer tank to the milk cooler. The controller equipped with the robot input / output Expansion Kit automatically performs this process to maintain consistency while the milk cooler maintains the optimal temperature of cooled milk.

Built for expansion
In the long run, dairy producers are likely to see more robot dairy factories around the world. Robot dairy farms give dairy producers more time to do what they are interested in: herd health, milk quality, genetics and so on. This lifestyle not only improves the flexibility of dairy producers' daily operations, but also allows more quality time with family and friends. This is a simple but effective system, which sets the standard for robot milk cooling solutions and lays a solid foundation for future development.

We will provide you with the most efficient storage and cooling equipment solutions. Please consult our professional pre-sales technical engineers. We will create the best robot cooling and storage solution for your unique operation.


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