Milk processing unit milk silo

July 20, 2022
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A complete milk processing line requires a variety of equipment. Beyond's silo is optimized to provide the best production protection, and the vertical design can achieve the maximum product storage in the minimum space.

Defining characteristics
Round base - all stainless steel bottom, no rust or repaint
CIP line vacuum circuit breaker circuit, used to increase vacuum protection
5000-70000 gallons capacity
Flat bottoms, Cross branches, stud welding, and circumferential banding provide additional strength under load carrying capacity and prevent internal movement of the bottom.
304 type stainless steel lining with large radius angle; Large finish, easy to clean
CIP system with ventilation door, independent ventilation pipe with strainer and removable manifold assembly
Horizontal installation, mechanical mixer system, built in accordance with sanitary standards
The side is rigid insulation, the top is glass fiber, and the outer bottom is foam insulation
Stainless steel finish exterior or carbon steel, primer painted white
Level gauge connection for continuous monitoring of fluid volume
Insulated manhole door with product sampling valve
Dial thermometers and recording thermowells
Designed for pad installation on flat concrete base
Insulation tape and insulation on CIP and vent pipe
Stainless steel niche
seismic design
Optional functions:
Customized according to your specific needs
The vertical mixing system can be used in silos up to 40000 gallons
316L stainless steel lining for durability
Flat heat transfer surface for accurate and consistent temperature control
May include refrigeration controls
Ladders, T-shaped platforms and / or circular guardrails to increase personnel safety
Vacuum circuit breaker circuit, used to increase vacuum protection
Calculation by registered professional engineer
Stainless steel base ring
We can design and manufacture professional silos according to customers' needs, so as to ensure that silos of different types and uses can meet customers' needs.


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