History of ancient butter and modern butter production line

May 5, 2022
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Many people like butter very much. In fact, butter has a very long history. In different periods of human society, butter is closely related to people's life. From the historical development of butter, we can see the development and changes of human society and people's attitudes and choices towards food.
First mention of butter
The earliest evidence of butter dates back to 2000 BC. Archaeologists found a limestone monument about 4500 years old. It shows how our ancestors made butter. However, some historians believe that this transmission has long been discovered. We just can't see the moment when civilization has turned to purposeful manufacturing - the accidental discovery of butter as a daily product on our table.
Marsh butter
It is unclear who invented butter. There is a theory that human beings created the first batch entirely by accident. It is likely that a herdsman is transporting a sheepskin bag, and the milk in the sheepskin bag is attached to his horse or other animals he rides. During the journey, the milk kept stirring in these bags due to the movement of the horse. So when the nomad arrived at his destination, there was a creamy surprise in his bag - butter.
This theory is supported by evidence of how butter was made in ancient times. People spread it in leather bags and horses. In addition, they can shake the bag with their hands until the milk turns into butter. However, they replaced cows with goat, sheep and yak milk. Obviously, because these animals were domesticated by humans at that time, although we do not know when butter was invented, we can assume that this phenomenon has spread for about 10000 years.
Butter is more popular in northern Europe because of the cold climate. However, this spread is also mentioned in ancient Near Eastern Literature - their butter is called butter. It is sold in Arabia and Sudan. In India, it is used as a sacrifice and is considered a symbol of purity. So it's hard to say where the butter came from. It seems to be everywhere.
Female Karen butter
Interestingly, people in southern Europe have different views on butter and think it is the food of barbarians. If you think about it, it's logical - Nordic people were not the friendliest people at that time. So why do Mediterranean people like the enemy's food? Especially considering that they are rich in olive oil. Nevertheless, the Romans used butter. No eating, God forbid. But to heal the wound and improve the skin. Although we believe they secretly licked it or two while buttering. Such a wide range of uses explains why butter was invented - it's not only delicious but also useful.
Ancient Irish swamp butter
The recently discovered butter was buried in wooden barrels in Irish swamps. Some of them date back to 400 BC. Historians believe that the Celts tried to preserve this spread so that they could eat when supplies were insufficient. Some experts believe that this is a gift to gods or swamp magical creatures considered to be pagan.

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Modern butter
When human development enters the modern era, people can mass produce high-quality butter products through the butter production line, and butter, as an ordinary commodity, has entered every family, and the relationship between people and butter is becoming closer and closer. As a butter production line, we can control the large-scale production of butter through preset procedures and test the quality of butter at any time, so that the butter production line can efficiently produce the same high-quality butter products. Butter has also changed from a manual product to a commodity that can be produced by machines. The price of butter is no longer high, and anyone can afford butter.