Innovation and reform of dairy production line

May 5, 2022
Latest company news about Innovation and reform of dairy production line

With the increasingly strong competition in the dairy industry, the technological development of dairy production line is also faster and faster. Almost every manufacturer is facing the challenge of transformation of production line. Whether to break the existing situation to comprehensively improve the production line or to be content with the current situation and grasp the current stable situation, many manufacturers are facing a dilemma.

Myth 1: new technology is difficult to master
This idea is very common, and many manufacturers believe that digital technologies are difficult to control because they do not need to suddenly stop production like old systems or have gaps in the production cycle. But the fact is that digital solutions can be deployed in the most convenient way for manufacturers. The management team can schedule the maintenance process. Therefore, the new technology is easier to control accurately.

Myth 2: the new dairy production line is too expensive
This misunderstanding exists because all big companies are constantly boasting about how high their high-end products are
Technology, which creates the illusion that only rich and large organizations can afford it
Innovation. However, the reality is that many small and medium-sized companies have such problems,
The same is true of technology; Especially in the dairy industry, but their voice is even worse.
In addition, you should remember that all upgrades are phased; Therefore, it will not become a huge investment immediately. That's why almost all companies can afford this new technology. Ultimately, the upgrade will bring more revenue because it improves the production process.


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Myth 3: innovation is all about artificial intelligence and robots
Of course, these are hot topics. That's why every upgrade seems to include AI or robotics. These solutions are undoubtedly effective and will significantly improve the process, but some people will say that achieving this efficient process requires cost. In fact, new technologies pay more attention to the visibility of all activities; Including communication and data exchange. Networking is the key to success. With innovation, it is much easier to maintain productive relationships. In addition, as buyers want to know more about what they consume, brands need to adjust and provide them with this data. The introduction of new technology can solve this problem with the click of a button.

Myth 4: innovative technology has not been well studied
Many manufacturers fear that if they try to adopt technologies that competitors have not yet tried, they will face problems that no one knows how to solve. However, you should remember that every provider of innovative technology does its best to provide extensive support to its customers. Therefore, if there is any problem, the support team will be ready to help you. If necessary, they will guide you through all processes, because the provider wants you to make full use of this technology.

Myth 5: it's too late to catch up with others
Even if you miss some of the upgrades your competitors have completed, you won't fall behind. Of course, if you are too slow, you will eventually find yourself abandoned by the market. But even so, it has not been completed. You can upgrade and transform your products to catch up with your competitors. Of course, it requires more money. That's why you shouldn't be afraid to upgrade.

From the above analysis, we can see that with the application of new technology to the dairy production line, the manufacturer will have stronger market competitiveness than before. It is very important to do the right thing in the critical period. Being content with the current situation will make you miss opportunities, and blind breakthrough will make you go in the wrong direction. We can only reasonably arrange the improvement and reform of the dairy production line from our own actual situation, Only when the opportunity really comes can we grasp it, surpass our competitors and occupy a favorable position, so as to make the development of the factory reach a new stage and maintain this advantage.