How to make low fat milk in milk production line

May 5, 2022
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The milk production line can produce various types of milk. We can change the formula of raw materials added and the equipment of the milk production line to realize the production of different milk products. Today, we will focus on how the milk production line makes low-fat milk.

Definition of low fat milk
When making skim milk, the useful protein and calcium remain unchanged, but the fat content is significantly reduced or even completely disappeared. Fat content can have a negative impact on the work of the heart and increase excess weight. There are several basic options for making skim milk.

Making skills of low fat milk
First option: cold skimming
This is the easiest way to make skim milk. Just pour an appropriate amount of milk into the milk storage tank, close it tightly with the lid, and wait for a few hours until the cream floats to the surface. Then remove the floating cream. In the milk production line, the milk container only needs to be cooled, and the oil slick on the surface can be removed after a few hours.

Second option: thermal degreasing
There is another fairly simple way to get skimmed milk. For this option, you need a pan. Pour the necessary amount of milk into the pan, and then heat it slowly. Once the milk begins to boil, take out the pan from the plate and let the milk cool for a while. When the milk cools, the cream will float to the surface, and then you can take it out carefully with a spoon.

If you pay attention to your weight, fat-free milk or low-fat milk will satisfy you. However, it is worth noting that skimmed milk is not so suitable for cooking, because high-fat milk will increase the taste of dishes.

In the milk production line, we can control every process of the production line through preset procedures, so as to produce high-quality milk products, and high-quality low-fat milk can also be produced continuously. If we need to produce different milk products, we can also change the degree and raw material ratio, so that we can use the same milk production line to produce a variety of different milk products.

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