Pasteurizer and yogurt production line

May 5, 2022
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As we all know, a complete milk production line is inseparable from important equipment such as pasteurizer. We need to customize the milk production line to determine the performance parameters and quantity of different equipment. Today, we will focus on the pasteurizer and the production method of yogurt.

Pasteurizer is a kind of equipment for heat treatment of milk, fruit juice and other foods. The purpose of pasteurization is to first heat milk or other products to a certain temperature and then cool them suddenly. This is done to ensure that the product has a longer shelf life after. Making yogurt in pasteurizer itself is a quite simple process, so let's take a closer look at it step by step.

Ingredients of yogurt
Needless to say, the main ingredient is milk. Whether it's skimmed milk, milk or almond milk with standard fat content, it's up to you. In addition to milk, the most basic ingredient is of course an appetizer. The fermentation process requires the starter to be carried out in milk with the help of microorganisms, and finally convert it into yogurt. If you like, you can add sugar, vanillin, fruit and so on to yogurt. It only depends on what flavor you prefer.

Products of yogurt production line​
Although the yogurt production line has many equipment, the production process of the yogurt production line is the same, collecting all necessary raw materials. Pour the required amount of milk into the container of the pasteurizer.
Pasteurize milk at 185 ° f (85 ° C) for 30 minutes or 203 ° f (95 ° C) for 10 minutes. High temperature kills harmful bacteria in milk, so as to create a suitable environment for fermentation bacteria in starter. Starters shall be added after the pasteurization process.
Cool the milk to 108 ° f (42 ° C), which is the ideal temperature for bacterial reproduction of fermented milk.
Now it's time to add a launcher. Add and stir well.
While maintaining a constant temperature of 108 ° f (42 ° C), let the milk stand for about 8 hours to turn it into yogurt.
The milk was cooled to 7 ° C to stop the fermentation process.
At this point, you can add fruits, nuts and anything you like.


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Packaging of yogurt production line​
This is the last process. We bottle the finished yogurt products, label them and enter the transportation link. A large number of yogurt products can enter the supermarket and reach the hands of final consumers. As long as they open the bottle cap, they can taste fresh and healthy yogurt products.