How to clean dairy equipment

April 6, 2022
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Working in a dairy factory or farm requires a sense of responsibility and a good attitude. Dairy equipment (milk collection and management) is very expensive but very important and requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning dairy equipment (carteris dairy machinery) helps to ensure better quality of milk and dairy products.
Facilities - Equipment
In the past, there were some private dairy factories, and each farmer produced his own milk. Later, industrial dairy factories were developed, either buying milk from producers or managing producers themselves.
The classic dairy farm consists of the following spaces
Collection and storage room for measuring, weighing, checking and analyzing milk. A milk chamber that separates milk from cream by centrifuging or natural degreasing and allows the milk to stand for 12 to 24 hours. The boiler is located in the butter and white cheese production workshop, hot milk heater, tilted table, cheese making, cheese making, mould making, foam releasing wooden barrel and cheese press, fresh salt of cheese, mature warehouse of cheese,
In pure industrial dairy farms, the business places are different. Continuous production processes are being carried out in large production lines equipped with chemical and bacteriological laboratories, ventilation, cooling and heating facilities, and modern machines to enable the development of various milk processing and by-products.

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There are special machines for condensed milk and milk powder, and full-automatic bottling, packaging and packaging systems for the production of products. Your dairy equipment will last longer than. Learn how to clean and maintain dairy equipment according to the following three steps.
Step 1: flush with hose
Before cleaning the pipes and milking system (inside), you should flush all surfaces of the milking room with hoses.
Continue pumping hot water through the milking system. In this way, the internal system will remove any accumulated milk solids, and eventually the water will flow out clean and transparent.
Three step cleaning of dairy equipment
Step 2: cleaning cycle
Now, a chemical cleaning solution is absolutely necessary. It can purify any substances and proteins that have not been removed from dairy machinery. The dairy factory uses chlorinated alkaline detergent to clean the milking pipeline. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
In order to achieve bactericidal effect, the mixture of water and detergent needs to be between 70 ℃ and 75 ℃ at the beginning. The outlet water temperature can be checked through the return flushing pipe.
Three step cleaning of dairy equipment
Step 3: purification
After the cleaning cycle is completed, the third step is to purify the milking system. Chlorine mixed with warm alkaline water is the most commonly used purifier for dairy farmers. According to the manufacturer's instructions, the dairy equipment must be completely drained after a five minute cycle.