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April 7, 2022
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No classification structure can easily capture all the cheese types in the world. This will help you navigate through many options, and we have now decided to organize cheese types in a more user-friendly way.
Below, you will find that our cheese types are divided into clean and mild, mild, tough, shiny blue, as well as abominable and other cheese types.

We also mixed the two ways that customers like to buy cheese, namely texture and flavor characteristics, and embodied all these two ways into a single system of cheese categories.

Fresh immature cheese:
These cheeses do not undergo an aging process, including cheese, cream and whey cheese. They hide in the mildest, lowest flavor of most cheeses. They are usually not necessarily pickled.

Two and three creams:
These types of cheese are seriously matured with the product during the production process (yellow cheese production). Real double cheese contains 58% fat, while double cheese contains 75% fat. Therefore, they are extraordinarily wealthy, frothy and sweet. Some of these cheeses are usually not cooked, so they can also be classified as unripe parmesan cheese.
Little Switzerland is really just for illustration. Although it is not yet mature, its fat content may be between 58% and 75%. Additional double and double moisturizers are usually repaired within about three weeks before marketing to form very thin, fluffy skin. Such as boursauer, Brillat Savarin and Yidong. Others, including blue Castro and Bavarian blue, have a blue veil. Although double and triple cheeses have different flavors and elegance, they have richness and creamy flavor that other cheeses do not have.

Cheese type - light cheese and butter cheese:
Directly falling into this category may be a large number of table cheeses that are basically mild, stable and universal. The internal flavor and aroma of these cheeses are often not significantly different, which does not mean that they are not very different. This figure is important and includes the actual samsoe group, Edam, Gouda, Bel paese and Fontina. This kind of cheese is usually organized, soft and easy to slice. It can make excellent food at lunch, breakfast and even dinner. Most are of high enough quality to provide catering services from the beginning.

Cheese type - Swiss style Parmesan:
One of the most famous is Emmentaler, which has tough skin, special pockets and even "eyes", as well as mild, sweet and crazy taste. The family members associated with ementale include Appenzel, gruye, roalpu, spinz and laklaette. Swiss style cheese usually has a hard skin and a room with holes. These pockets come from the expansion of the fuel in the cheese curd during ripening.

Cheese type - Cheddar style Parmesan:
Cheddar cheese is one of the most popular and widely copied cheeses in the world. "Cheddar" parmesan cheese goes through a step in the production process, including cutting it into small pieces, stacking and turning it with the cheese barrel at the bottom for a period of time. This typical cheddar cheese is actually hard, yellow in color, fresh and mellow in taste, and the more you chew, the more fragrant you chew.


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