Impact of new cartons on dairy processing line

May 10, 2022
Latest company news about Impact of new cartons on dairy processing line

The change of dairy industry is very fast. This change is not only reflected in the production equipment, but also in any other aspects. Now, the new change from the packaging box will improve the quality of dairy products, and the new carton will increase the content of wood raw materials, which will greatly reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in dairy products. This new technology will also change the dairy production line itself to a certain extent.

Life cycle comparison
According to an independent life cycle analysis, the new carton packaging will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 28% compared with the traditional sig carton in the same format.
Professionals say that this special form of unprocessed cardboard is rigid and can protect the contents from potential light damage. A new ultra-thin polyamide layer was added as barrier technology, and a thin polyethylene inner and outer layer was added to prevent moisture.

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Availability and planning
Cartons will be used in the field of long-life milk and dairy products. A major European longevity dairy manufacturer will be the first customer of the new carton, and the German company plans to use the new carton in its UHT dairy series.
Influence of new packaging technology on dairy production line
The new packaging carton is currently in the experimental stage, and this concept will also be extended to include sterile carton packaging for non carbonated fruit juice products. The new carton packaging can be processed by the industry standard filling machine, which only needs to adjust the parameters of the filling machine at one time. Therefore, all dairy production lines can apply this new packaging through small changes, which will bring good news to the actual use of the new packaging. In the near future, we will see the large-scale use of the new carton packaging on the dairy production line.