The new heater reduces the cost of UHT milk processing line

May 10, 2022
Latest company news about The new heater reduces the cost of UHT milk processing line

UHT milk line contains many different milk processing equipment. The technical innovation of some key equipment will bring qualitative changes to the whole milk production line. Now, we have launched a new direct heating device for UHT dairy production, which can significantly reduce product loss and operating cost.

Unlike indirect heating devices, direct heating devices use steam injection to accelerate the heating and cooling process, so as to minimize the impact of heat on product quality.

This heating system has higher operating costs than indirect devices and is designed to produce high-quality dairy and bean products.
The new unit is designed to reduce costs and product losses associated with direct heating systems.

UHT milk line will save more cost
Compared with the previous generation of direct UHT heaters, sterile heaters reduce the operating cost by 15%. In addition, compared with the current industry standard, the direct heating device can reduce the product loss by up to 40% and prolong the operation time by up to 60 hours.

In order to improve operational efficiency, some design changes have been introduced. Improving the running time of the milk production line is one of the biggest changes of the new system.

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Design changes of UHT milk line
Due to the improved design of steam ejector and holding chamber, the running time between cleaning has increased from 30 hours in previous generations to 60 hours.

Other significant changes include a new two tank system, one for products and one for water, designed to reduce product loss during the mixing phase. The system can completely empty the main balance tank before filling it with new products.

There is no limit to the improvement of UHT milk line. New technological breakthroughs exist in every stage. A better and more efficient milk production line will bring permanent benefits to our customers. Through the transformation of the production line, we can obtain new development opportunities, so as to continuously improve the product competitiveness of manufacturers.