Industrial ketchup production line

April 21, 2022
Latest company news about Industrial ketchup production line

Ketchup has a wide demand all over the world. Ketchup can be produced in large quantities through industrial ketchup production line. The fully automatic industrial ketchup production line can greatly improve the production efficiency, so as to quickly meet the market demand and greatly reduce the cost. The ketchup production line is divided into two parts: pre-treatment and post packaging. The whole production line can change tomatoes from fruit state to the final bottled ketchup product. We have rich experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of ketchup production lines. Our customers are all over the world. We have set up our own technical service departments in many countries, which can professionally meet the construction requirements of ketchup production lines in different countries.

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Ketchup production line description
Small tomato processing plant is suitable for concentrated products of 30% Brix ketchup, with an output of 250 kg / h. It is made from mature red tomatoes through crushing, pulping, concentration, filling and sterilization.
Parameters of ketchup production line:
1. Raw material: fresh tomato
2. Final product. Ketchup and ketchup (mixed with nitric acid, starch and sugar)
3. Brix: 28-30%
4. Input amount: the sugar content of fresh tomatoes is 5%, and 1500 kg of fresh tomatoes are required per hour
5. Output: 250 kg / h, 30% Brix concentrated tomato paste
6. Packaging method: PVC packaging
7. Semi automatic production line

Working process of ketchup production line:
Tomato to foam washing, crushing to pulping, storage tank to screw pump, enrichment and mixing, screw pump to paste filling, disinfection.
All the above processes correspond to specific equipment:
Tomato cleaning machine: clean tomatoes under the pressure of bubbles and water pressure.
Tomato washing machine, also known as tomato floating machine, is a washing machine specially designed for tomatoes. It has two layers. The first layer is the traditional mesh belt of stainless steel fence tube. The ingenious double-layer design allows sand and gravel to settle to the bottom layer and discharge.
Crusher: Smash tomatoes for pulping;
Before we make ketchup, we need to crush the tomatoes, or even chop the tomatoes before crushing. On the one hand, crushed tomatoes will provide a smoother feed for the next pulping process; On the other hand, if you crush tomatoes, it will greatly improve the pulp yield of tomatoes!

Pulping machine: the machine adopts the form of single channel to automatically separate tomato pulp and residue;
The tomato pulping machine is mainly used for beating and peeling tomatoes and other berries after being chopped, so as to separate the pulp and juice from other parts, which is convenient for the concentration of juice and the completion of subsequent processes.
Temporary storage tank: made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, used for temporary storage of tomato pulp;
Cooking pot: used to concentrate tomato pulp and evaporate excess water
Ketchup pot has both sterilization and concentration. It has versatility and economy. You can set different cooking times for different end products (ketchup, ketchup, ketchup, mashed tomato). The longer the cooking time, the lower the moisture content in the final product.
Ketchup filling machine: fill ketchup / ketchup into
Bottles of different sizes.

Semi automatic ketchup filling machine
The semi-automatic filling machine has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure and convenient operation. The filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the filling speed is fast, and the humanized design is more in line with the requirements of modern enterprises.

The ketchup production line can realize automatic management through program control. All production data can be reflected to the central control room at the first time, so that the management can accurately grasp each process, make the cost and efficiency of the ketchup production line reach the best proportion, and accurately control the output and the quality of finished products, so as to obtain the best production benefits.


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