New trend of food and beverage industry and new technology of production line

April 9, 2022
Latest company news about New trend of food and beverage industry and new technology of production line

Targeting consumers who dare to keep trying and designing new discoveries and experiences will be the key trend affecting the development of the food and beverage industry in the future. A closely connected world enables consumers of different ages to learn more about different cultures.
The food and beverage industry is paying more and more attention to consumers who dare to try. Consumers leave the comfort zone and boldly explore tastes and a variety of eating experiences. The emphasis on sensory enjoyment is often combined with some unexpected factors.

Plant kingdom
The plant-based market is unstoppable. Companies and brands are "greening" their product lines to attract mainstream consumers who want to increase their intake of plant products. For many, the plant-based trend means becoming healthy and sustainable by balancing animal and plant products rather than following a one size fits all diet.

Health is the only direction
As more and more consumers focus on health and sustainability, alternative foods and raw materials are also growing. Health remains the main reason for buying alternative foods, with 50% of U.S. consumers claiming that health is why they buy alternatives to bread, meat or dairy products.
The search for alternative proteins has promoted the use of black beans, lentils, peas, rice, nuts and seeds, chickpeas and even insects as protein raw materials in food.

Green appeal
The industry remains committed to meeting consumer demand for sustainability. This motivating corporate goal enables manufacturers to take a series of initiatives to actively participate in the development of sustainable products and packaging. These initiatives include waste reduction through upgrading the use of raw materials and post consumption recycling, improving biodegradability and new technologies.

Snacks: a decisive occasion
For most consumers, snacks are always part of the day. However, people's ideas and views on snacks have changed. Snacks are no longer an additional choice, but evolve into specific occasions or scenes. It is the core of cross category innovation of food and beverage.

Eat for me
Personalized needs and preferences also have a great impact on new product development. Private customization is becoming the mainstream trend. "High protein" has become one of the most important growth categories in China and the United States.

Reexamine fiber
As a common food ingredient, "fiber" is not unfamiliar to everyone. So what are the new applications of optical fiber? At the beginning of this year, eight kinds of fibers were introduced into the nutritional label of dietary fiber, which undoubtedly increased the application opportunities of more fibers and provided consumers with more healthy choices.

I feel good
Diet is not only good for health, but also good for relaxation and comfort. In addition to "happiness", the "innocence" of new products also shows a step-by-step growth. In addition to eating well, consumers also need to eat well.

Small player mentality
Startups will continue to have an impact on the industry. They can not only stand out in the fierce competition, but also compete with giants and become industry leaders. They are very popular with consumers. In the literal sense of the trend, we can see that the trend links products, scenes and consumers in real time through social media.


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