Introduction to milk beverage machine lines

May 9, 2022
Latest company news about Introduction to milk beverage machine lines

Milk, coffee and tea are increasingly becoming popular drinks all over the world. We can use advanced milk beverage production line equipment to make a large number of such drinks, so that relevant enterprises can keep up with the trend of the market in a very short time and obtain a steady stream of market profits. As a manufacturer in the field of food machinery for more than 20 years, beyond has its own unique advanced technology in tea production technology.

Scheme design of milk beverage machine lines
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Use of milk beverage machine lines equipment
Our milk beverage production line can fully automatically transform traditional tea and coffee drinks into convenient products on the mass market, so as to retain flavor, natural flavor and many other subtle ingredients and ensure the taste, quality and uniqueness of products. All the equipment are made of high-standard steel, and each equipment is written with advanced software control program. Different equipment integrated in the milk beverage production line can work together to complete each production process efficiently. The factory can obtain tea products at the end of the production line only by putting in raw materials and running the machinery.


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Equipment introduction of milk beverage machine lines
Pipe worker sterilizing machine with high efficiency
CIP system of automatic cleaning equipment
Centrifuges are used to dehydrate waste coffee grounds and recover extracts
Plate heat exchangers are suitable for various heating / cooling functions
Viscoelastic tubular heat exchanger for heating / cooling
Scraped surface heat exchangers are used to freeze high viscosity liquids
Reverse osmosis membrane filtration system for preliminary extract
Evaporator for extract
Bagged sterile filler for beverages and extracts, widely used in food service distribution.