New technology of pasteurization

May 10, 2022
Latest company news about New technology of pasteurization

Pasteurization technology has a very wide range of needs, and a variety of equipment are manufactured based on different functions. Now, a new pasteurization technology came into being, and new pasteurization equipment will be produced rapidly.

We discussed the alternative of energy consumption heat treatment for pasteurization of milk. Technicians said that the most feasible alternative may be ultraviolet pasteurization.

This alternative places milk at a precise light wave frequency to interact with DNA and stop its reproductive ability. New technology has its own advantages and disadvantages.


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UV pasteurizer possible
Although the exact energy-saving effects of UV technology will be detailed in the report, it is expected that UV alternative technologies will consume less energy than existing heating technologies.

UV technology has been used in other industries for the light purification of wine, syrup and fruit juice, and also for the final sterilization process of large water treatment facilities.

Professional technicians said that in South Africa, it was also used for pasteurization of milk on a limited scale permitted by local authorities, and experiments were carried out in the United States and found that it could prolong the shelf life of milk by 30%.
It is believed that since the existing piping system can remain relatively unchanged and the only consumables required are electricity, the process will involve minimal plant modifications. Large equipment has been manufactured for other industries and incorporated into factories.
This technology is also considered to have been well studied, and its impact on the level of microorganisms in milk is considered to be understandable and compared with thermal technology.

It can be predicted that in the near future, this new pasteurization equipment will be quickly applied to the pasteurized milk production line, so as to change the energy consumption and sterilization process of the milk production line. As manufacturers, they have a new choice.