Jam production line is used for processing peach, plum and apricot jam

April 22, 2022
Latest company news about Jam production line is used for processing peach, plum and apricot jam

Many fruits can be processed and processed through automatic production lines, so as to turn fruits into fruit juice and jam that can be preserved for a long time. We professionally design and manufacture jam production lines, which can be used for the processing and in-depth processing of peaches, apricots, plums and other fruits with high efficiency. Jam production line includes a variety of different fruit processing equipment, which can realize complex industrial processing processes such as peeling, coring and beating, so as to obtain high-quality fruit processing products at the end of the production line.


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Jam production line describe
The jam production line mainly carries out processes such as cleaning, sorting, precooking, enucleation, beating, concentration, sterilization and filling of peaches, plums and apricots, and finally obtains jam.
Each of the above processes has a specific device corresponding to it:
Washing machine: it is mainly divided into two cleaning processes, using bubble tumbling, brushing, high-pressure spraying and other technologies to clean peaches, plums and apricots to the greatest extent.
Roller classifier: it can classify peaches, plums and apricots according to different sizes;
Pre boiling machine: after blanching, it can protect the unique fresh color of peach, plum and apricot, maintain fragrance, improve cell softness, and lay a good foundation for the next beating process requirements.
Pulping machine: the pulping machine can automatically separate the pulp and residue of peach, plum and apricot, and automatically remove the core.
Colloidal mill: in order to further refine peach, plum and apricot jam and increase the taste, the preliminary peach, plum and apricot pulp needs to be finely ground with colloidal mill;
Vacuum concentrator: remove excess water from peach, plum and apricot jam;
Sterilizer: the casing sterilizer adopts four-layer casing structure, which is specially used for the sterilization of various materials with poor fluidity and high viscosity, such as peach jam, plum jam, apricot jam and so on.
Filling machine: aseptic barrel filling machine is suitable for aseptic filling and filling of other viscous or non viscous liquids, such as 1-1000l fruit and vegetable juice, jam and other concentrated products.

Advantages of jam production line:
It can obtain the primary color, aroma and nutrition of peach, plum and apricot;
Stainless steel materials ensure the cleanliness of peach, plum and apricot jam production;
Fully automatic operation process, saving manpower and material resources;
Filling sterile barrels is conducive to later transportation and prolong the shelf life;

Characteristics of jam production line:
Compact structure and beautiful appearance;
Support customer customization and provide turnkey projects according to customer needs;
One production line is suitable for processing all kinds of jam;
Customers choose our jam production line. Our professional team can design and manufacture the jam production line according to customers' needs, so as to ensure that the jam production line fully meets customers' actual production needs and maximize the utilization of resources. After the jam production line is manufactured, it can be installed and debugged for customers, so as to ensure customers' normal production and use, If you encounter any problem in the use process, you can ask for help from our professional engineers, so as to completely solve the use problem of the production line and ensure the excellent operation state of the jam production line. If there is a demand for relevant accessories of jam production line, we can also get perfect assistance. We will grow together with customers, so as to establish a long-term relationship of win-win cooperation, occupy a favorable position in the future market competition and achieve greater development together.


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