Automatic production line of seabuckthorn juice

April 22, 2022
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Seabuckthorn fruit is a kind of highly nutritious fruit. Through the seabuckthorn fruit juice production line, the nutrients in the fruit can be extracted and turned into relevant products. The seabuckthorn fruit juice production line can fully automate the processing of a large number of fruit raw materials and turn the seabuckthorn fruit into multiple independent substances such as fruit juice, fruit oil and fruit residue, so as to maximize the value of a single fruit. We specialize in designing and manufacturing sea buckthorn juice production line, which can quickly meet customer's needs and achieve customized production of seabuckthorn juice production line according to the actual situation of customers. The seabuckthorn juice production line is closely linked with the needs of customers, and at the same time, it can maintain the expandability of seabuckthorn juice production line, so that customers can expand and enhance the productivity and advanced nature of seabuckthorn juice production line in the future, and achieve higher production. Achieve higher production efficiency.

Seabuckthorn juice production line description
The seabuckthorn juice processing line is suitable for processing fresh Seabuckthorn into 100% seabuckthorn juice. The production line includes the main processes of seabuckthorn processing production line, including freezing → depilation → washing → fruit picking → thawing → pulping → preheating → sterilization → finally obtaining seabuckthorn juice and its series products.

The equipment list of seabuckthorn juice production line is as follows:
1. immersion machine plus spray cleaner.
The cleaning adopts the combination of impregnation and spraying. When soaking and cleaning, it must be soaked repeatedly with flowing water to remove impurities such as leaves and branches. If necessary, add an appropriate amount of surfactant or disinfectant; During spraying, the gauge pressure of the water pipe shall not exceed 0.3MPa to prevent damage to the peel.
2. Manual fruit picking belt: the fruit must be nine mature, golden or yellow to remove rot, diseases and pests. Be careful not to damage the peel.
3. Pulping machine: the two-way pulping machine is used to obtain fresh Seabuckthorn pulp;
4. Enzyme inhibitor: in order to prevent browning, passivate enzyme activity, soften pulp, hydrolyze pectin, promote the full dissolution of pigment, and reduce the viscosity of fruit juice, heat treatment is required. Heat to 60~70 ° C for 15 minutes.
5. Centrifugal separator: separate the components of seabuckthorn juice and seabuckthorn meat particles or liquid-liquid mixture by centrifugation;
7. Equip tank, deaerator, sterilizer, filling machine, secondary sterilization, blower and other equipment to finally obtain seabuckthorn juice.
8. We need to clean the equipment regularly after use and use CIP cleaning system
Advantages of seabuckthorn juice production line:
1. All parts of seabuckthorn juice processing production line in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel
2. The whole production line starts from fruit pressing, and the raw materials are processed in a closed environment to give full play to the original flavor and nutrition of the raw materials.
3. Seabuckthorn seed oil adopts advanced carbon dioxide extraction technology to obtain 100% pure seabuckthorn seed juice to the greatest extent, so as to ensure that the effective nutrients in seabuckthorn oil will not be lost. This is a true "full nutrition" fruit oil.

After sales of seabuckthorn juice production line
Customers who buy our seabuckthorn juice production line can get one-year free warranty service, and will continue to get our warranty service after one year. If there is any problem in the use of seabuckthorn juice production line or the demand for accessories, they can contact our after-sales engineer, so as to obtain professional help and accessories support at the first time, so as to ensure the long-term and stable operation of seabuckthorn juice production line. We have maintained long-term and stable cooperative relations with many customers. Through our professional seabuckthorn juice production line engineers, we have built an advanced production line for customers, so that customers can quickly establish their own competitive advantage, lead their peers in the market competition, quickly convert this technical advantage into market sales and turnover, and realize the rapid development and growth of the company.


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