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May 3, 2022
Latest company news about Products and production process of industrial butter production line

Industrial butter production line can produce a large amount of butter. Different production lines can produce different butter products. The material composition, structure and content of different butter products are different. Today, let's talk about the specific situation of butter products, so as to give some useful references and tips to manufacturers who need butter production line.

Butter is a product obtained by machining milk fat. It should be emphasized that milk does not contain butter, but fat. Therefore, butter is essentially an industrial product produced after processing fat.
The composition of butter is as follows: fat 81.5% - 82.4%, water 16.5-17.5%, and dry matter without fat is 0.6-1.6%. Dry matter contains a small amount of protein, lactose and salt, which are added in the process of fat processing and conversion into butter. The color of butter depends on the type of milk we use. The butter in milk is slightly yellow because it contains β- Carotene. Unlike cow dung, goat butter is white because goats put β- Carotene is converted into colorless vitamin A.

Butter is basically divided into two kinds: hard butter and liquid butter. The former is the ingredient we mentioned above, the latter is well-known butter, which is sold in stores, and the latter is liquid butter, which contains up to 98% fat. The raw material for butter production is milk. According to the variety of dairy cows, the content of milk is about 3-6%. Butter can also be made from milk or goat's milk, which is considered the most beautiful goat's milk.

Depending on the processing method, raw butter, fresh butter and even hard butter may taste sour and sweet. Butter has high nutritional value because it is one of the best sources of calories. It is easy to digest and contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin D.

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Basic knowledge of butter production
Butter production is very complicated. Through centrifugation, flower milk is obtained from milk, which is the real raw material for the production of butter. The strength and duration of centrifugation depend on the percentage of fat remaining in the milk.
Then the flower milk must go through some preparation before being beaten. It must be pasteurized, cooled, then inflated, and finally its fat content must be corrected. Then, it is specially fermented by experts to ferment milk thistle fungi. Pasteurization of flower milk is the same as that of milk, except at a high temperature of 10 degrees. Different butter production processes have specific equipment in the butter production line to realize them one by one.
In some countries, pasteurization is carried out with the help of steam and high pressure using special equipment. The excess water then evaporates in a vacuum and at a very low temperature.
The fat content of flower milk depends on the process to be followed, which is between 25-82%. The biological maturation of flower milk is accomplished by fermentation and the use of special bacteria. Normal fermentation is very important for whether butter eventually has a typical taste and aroma, and the yield of buttermilk will increase.
Fermented milk is made in a special container with double walls. The double wall is filled with water, and there is a special mixer inside. The task of water and agitator is to maintain a certain temperature of milkweed during the whole fermentation process and the whole surface. The temperature during fermentation is about 5 degrees.

Fermented flower milk will produce small particles of butter with beating. The size of grain is one of the factors that determine its quality. After beating, shake it to distribute the whey in the whole quality, then wash it, and finally package it.
In recent years, a new method of producing butter has been developed, the so-called "uninterrupted". In this way, the whole production process is completely mechanized and automated, so as to make the butter quality better and more economical.
Butter is manufactured through the industrial butter production line. We also have strict requirements on storage. The ideal storage temperature of butter is 15 ° C, which is much higher than that of 4 ° C refrigerator. Therefore, there is a special position in modern refrigerators, which are usually stored on high shelves or doors.