Ketchup processing machine for Zambian customers

May 24, 2022
Latest company news about Ketchup processing machine for Zambian customers

Our ketchup processing machine is exported to many different countries in Africa. In Zambia, we also have a large customer who has been using our ketchup processing machine. The customer reported that chili, garlic, potassium sorbate (sodium benzoate) and other ingredients were mainly added to the ketchup during cooking.

latest company news about Ketchup processing machine for Zambian customers  0
The customer gave feedback on the ketchup cooking video. Through the video, we can see that the customer's ketchup is brighter, more exquisite and thicker in color.
The customer said that in the trial operation stage of the ketchup production line, the packaged ketchup samples encountered the problem of shelf life. To this end, we put forward the following suggestions to Zambian customers:
1. The cooling time should not be too long
2. After cooling to 80 degrees (or above), packaging can be started to avoid new bacteria on the way
3. After packaging, boil in boiling water to kill some new bacteria
4. High temperature resistant packaging film is recommended
According to our suggestion, a Zambian customer cooked a batch of ketchup again, replaced it with a new high-temperature resistant packaging film, and disinfected it in boiling water for the second time after packaging. This method can meet the customer's requirements for the shelf life of ketchup. At present, the customer's ketchup processing machine has been put into large-scale tomato production and processing. The performance of tomato sauce processing machine is very outstanding and the working state is very stable. The cooperation between us and our customers is very happy. I wish our Zambian customers a stable profit in ketchup processing business.