Small ketchup factory in Ghana

May 24, 2022
Latest company news about Small ketchup factory in Ghana

Ketchup factory equipment is our key product. We have rich product types, which are suitable for customers with different needs. Customers from Ghana need small ketchup factory equipment. Customers of small ketchup factories are engaged in auto parts business in Ghana. The customer said that ketchup is the local staple food, and people can consume more than 1 million tons of ketchup a year. Ghana is a major tomato growing region in the world. Due to the lack of storage facilities and tomato processing plants, about three-quarters of tomato products are wasted, and ketchup is mainly imported.

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Based on this background, our Ghanaian customers hope to introduce ketchup production and processing plants to produce ketchup and start ketchup business. Our ketchup making machine for Ghanaian customers can crush, pulp, peel and remove hard substances, such as locally harvested mature red tomatoes, and then concentrate, fill and disinfect them. It mainly includes tomato washer, tomato dryer, tomato crusher, tomato beater, tomato pulp boiling machine, tomato paste filling machine and bagged tomato paste sterilizer.

The ketchup production line of Ghana customers can process 300 kg of fresh tomatoes per hour. According to customer feedback, the ratio of raw materials to finished products is about 6:1. Customers can get 44 kilograms (44000 grams) of finished ketchup per hour. The packaging film we configured for our customers is that the packaging volume of each bag of ketchup is 60g. Customers in Ghana work 8 hours a day and can process more than 6000 sachets a day, with a shelf life of at least 6 months.

Customers sell these finished products to local supermarkets and condiment stores to obtain sustainable income!!
Our ketchup production line is specially designed for small ketchup processing customers who want to start a new business. The whole set of equipment has the advantages of compact structure, small area, simple operation and convenient use. Now, our Ghana customers have received the equipment and put it into use. Ketchup factory equipment allows customers to process a large number of tomatoes in a very short time and continuously produce ketchup products. Locally, his cost is very low. He can obtain considerable production profits through such equipment. Now Ghana customers have focused on ketchup production business. His factory is in good operation and is in the stage of rapid development. He often shares his success and joy with us.