Mini Milk Processing Factory

May 10, 2023
Latest company news about Mini Milk Processing Factory

Hello, we are introducing you to a mini factory with a modular building turnkey!
This module can not only be used for milk processing, but also be produced according to these tasks
Milk processing equipment, mini milk processing factories, and milk processing lines. With the help of mini dairy factories, you can obtain various natural and ecologically clean dairy and yogurt products:
Pasteurized milk;
• Yogurt drinks: yoghurt, yoghurt, yoghurt, bifidobacterium drinks, snowballs, Valentine
Cheese, cheese containing additives (raisins, nuts, etc.);
• Sour cream
Cream beverage;
• Butter;
Rotating milking hall

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The rotating milking hall is most suitable for installation on medium-sized and large farms, with undisturbed cow content and production of belt milk. They are ideal for large farms (1200 to 2000 cows) as they provide operators with maximum milking capacity, zero milking frontiers, intensive operations, and maximum productivity. In the carousel milking room, the cows enter the rotating platform and occupy an empty stall. The rotating platform transfers it to the milking operator, and each operator performs a series of operations in their own position. After the milking process is completed, the cows enter and exit the export area on the platform. Therefore, the entire milking process requires the platform to rotate once, approximately 10 minutes.

Parallel milking hall
Parallel milking rooms are designed specifically for farms that produce high-yield cows. In these farms, the number of cows exceeds 1000, and for decades, their power and efficiency have been demonstrated due to their separate milking space and excellent throughput.
The "Christmas Tree" milking room is a hall designed specifically for milking on farms with over 300 cows. For decades, the strength and efficiency of the milking area have been proven due to its personalized equipment and excellent throughput. The cow enters the milking room from the storage cabinet. A group of animals constantly changes from a cowshed to a milking room, and vice versa. Once the cow occupies the milking area, the operator can safely and conveniently enter the breast. Modular systems allow for the implementation of milking rooms of different sizes.

Beyond Machinery is a reliable supplier of dairy farming and milk processing equipment.
Professional: Capacity equipment, milking equipment, milk processing equipment, manure removal, engineering equipment.
In addition, the construction and renovation of agricultural facilities, including livestock pastures, hangars, warehouses, and milk processing workshops.
Beyond Machinery can manufacture any size and non-standard equipment according to your technical requirements
Milk coolers, thermos bottles, receiving containers, milk cans, personal milking machines, milk pipelines, summer camps (multi station milking stations), Israeli SCR milking rooms, manure treatment transport vehicles for fixed livestock farming, and delta scrapers for nomadic use, long pasteurization baths, cheese factories, milk taxis, fat processors, oil machines, press carts, bathtubs, coagulation baths, coagulation extrusion devices Cheese head press, separator, milk quality analyzer, homogenizer, pasteurization cooling device.
Production of livestock equipment (galvanized or black metal), polymer sand (personal) sinks for livestock farming, cluster sinks for non livestock farming, livestock mats (carpets), floor platform scales with fences, and automatic scrapers.
Engineering equipment manufacturing: tubular and plate heat exchangers, ice water generators, chillers.
Advantages of Mini Milk Processing Plants:
-Having over 10 years of production experience.
-Experience of factory employees in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of equipment in the dairy industry.
-The latest production equipment.
-24-hour operation support.
-Continuously update products based on customer feedback.
High skill ITR.
-Organize good quality control and maintenance systems in accordance with European standards throughout all stages of production.
Provide necessary technical documents.
-Train partner employees to work correctly on production equipment.
-Installation and debugging.
-Deliver to customers globally.
-Multiple forms of payment: TT and LC.
-According to current laws, we provide a complete set of documents to recover some of the budget costs.
-All equipment is certified and supported by subsidies and grants

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