Introduction to Tomato Sauce Production Line

May 10, 2023
Latest company news about Introduction to Tomato Sauce Production Line

With advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, we provide turnkey projects for tomato sauce production. The tomato sauce production line costs 1-2 tons per hour. According to your requirements, we can provide on-site installation, debugging, and training to serve you. Our tomato processing equipment is designed reasonably and has low energy consumption, making it your cost-effective choice.

Advantages of tomato sauce processing line
1. The fruit cleaning machine has the characteristics of high cleanliness, energy and water conservation, and stable and reliable performance.
2. The drum sorting machine can be designed with spray devices, collection channels, and garbage conveyors.
3. The insulation layer can be designed for tubular preheaters and tubular disinfectors.
4. Various screen size options for fruit pulp machines in tomato processing plants.
5. The concentrator has a small volume, simple structure, and is easy to operate, clean, and maintain.
Tomato sauce production line workflow
Fresh tomatoes → tomato cleaning → tomato sorting → breaking → preheating → tomato pulping → vacuum concentration → paste sterilization

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Main equipment of tomato sauce production line
1. Surfing washing machine
Tomatoes are washed with high-pressure water in a fruit washing machine. The scraper elevator will transport the cleaned tomatoes to the next process.
2. Drum Sorter
The cleaned fruit enters the machine from the feed hopper and rotates forward towards the outlet. The workers picked out unqualified tomatoes
Ensure the quality of the final product.
3. Pump damage
Used for conveying and crushing tomatoes, preparing for preheating and pulping.
4. Tubular preheater
The tubular preheater increases the temperature of the pulp through steam heating, thereby softening the pulp and deactivating enzymes.
5. Single channel pulping machine
A single channel pulping machine is used to automatically separate pulp and residue from crushed and preheated tomatoes.
Material Science
From the last process, enter the machine through the feed inlet and spiral along the cylinder towards the outlet. The material is made into pulp by centrifugal force. The pulp enters the next process through a sieve, while the peel and seeds are discharged through the residue outlet to achieve automatic separation. The pulping speed can be adjusted by changing the sieve and adjusting the scraper.
6. Vacuum concentration boiler
This equipment is used for low-temperature vacuum concentration of tomato pulp. Steam is fed into the jacket at the bottom of the boiler, causing the material to boil and evaporate under vacuum. The agitator in the boiler helps to enhance the fluidity of the material.
7. Tubular sterilizer
The tubular sterilizer increases the temperature of the concentrate through steam heating to achieve sterilization.


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