New breakthrough of dairy processing line

May 11, 2022
Latest company news about New breakthrough of dairy processing line

Every year's packaging machinery exhibition can let us see the latest trends in the development of the industry. This year is no exception. In Germany, the packaging equipment at the back of the dairy processing line has made a new appearance, and the German packaging machinery has made a new breakthrough. They have a new efficient equipment on the yogurt processing line. The working efficiency of this newly manufactured yogurt cup packaging equipment is amazing. It can pack up to 12000 cups of yogurt per hour, And equipped with multi-functional stamping machine.

With the help of a two axis robot equipped with suction cups, yogurt can be loaded onto trays at the speed of 2100 trays per hour. The machine is suitable for a series of dairy products such as yogurt, dessert and cream cheese.

latest company news about New breakthrough of dairy processing line  0
The availability and size of this machine are very in line with the needs of customers. It is on the market. Moreover, employees do not need detailed training to operate the machine; With the user manual, customers can learn to use the machine by themselves.
According to the company, it can produce 14000 cups per hour in a small amount of space, ranging in size from 5g to 150g.
For our customers, using the world's advanced packaging machinery and beyond's front-end processing system of yogurt processing line will greatly improve the efficiency of yogurt production. Customers only need to accurately observe the production data of different processes of yogurt processing line in the computer control room and adjust and control, so as to obtain a large number of high-quality yogurt products they need.