Success story: Spanish Tomato canning machine

May 24, 2022
Latest company news about Success story: Spanish Tomato canning machine

Tomato canning machine is our very mature product. We have developed many unique technologies on this equipment. Our customers are from Spain and engaged in packaging business. The client is a middleman who is looking for canned tomato processing machines for his clients. The Spanish client's final product is a canned tomato mixed with ketchup, diced tomatoes and other fried vegetables. After understanding the customer's needs, we designed a complete drawing of tomato can processing machine for the customer, and gave the specific parameter values. The customer was very satisfied with our design scheme.

At present, the customer has its own packaging equipment and other tomato processing equipment, and hopes to expand on the basis of the original equipment. The equipment required by the customer is not associated and wants automation, but the customer has no drawings. According to customer requirements, we have configured tomato washing machine, tomato conditioning belt, tomato elevator, tomato chopper, tomato colloid mill, jacketed cans, tunnel spray equipment and customized weighing equipment.

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Customers have an urgent demand for canned tomato processing equipment. According to the requirements of customers for delivery time, we have established a professional team and coordinated with managers, engineers, procurement resources and other aspects to shorten the delivery time of Spanish customers as much as possible. The production of canned tomato processing equipment for Spanish customers has been completed as scheduled. At present, the customer's canned tomato processing equipment is being installed. The complete processing line of tomato can processing machine has been installed and debugged, and the customer is very satisfied. What they want is such a machine. Some small problems in the process of installation and commissioning have also been solved by our professional after-sales engineers in time. The whole cooperation process has made both parties very happy. Our tomato can processing machine equipment has been recognized by customers, and our professional after-sales service has been appreciated by customers.