Pet food manufacturing and processing

March 5, 2022
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The end-to-end system can efficiently produce safe and high-quality wet, dry, fresh, frozen, raw or canned cat and dog food
Today, our furry friends are not just pets, they are beloved members of the family. Therefore, pet owners pay more and more attention to what they scoop in the food bowls of cats and dogs. The revolution in pet diet and nutrition is causing major changes in the pet food industry.
Manufacturers who want to keep up with the trend and gain a stable market share must be able to adapt to changing tastes. This means you need to do more than just continue grinding canned cat food and a range of dog food. You must create attractive and healthy choices, including:
From wet to dry
From raw to cooked
Canned to bagged
Vegetarians to carnivores

This is not a task that can be manipulated at will. This is a huge and dynamic undertaking.
However, with beyond, you can take a walk in the park. Using our experience in design, manufacturing and installation, our pet food processing system can really provide. We are a leader in:
Prepare rope and diced food
Extrusion and color / flavor ingredients
Filling, closing and tray sealing of pet food containers
Sterilization in containers of cans, bags and trays
High pressure treatment
Frozen perishable articles
Beyond equipment enables you to produce the safest pet food while helping to maintain the highest freshness, nutrition, flavor and texture. You will help pet parents provide the highest quality care for their cherished animals.

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Cooperation is the framework for success
With beyond, you are not just a customer. We believe that fostering genuine trust and long-term partnership is the key to real progress in the food and beverage processing industry. Our job is to provide targeted high-tech solutions for different industries in different markets, and the best way to achieve our goals is to ensure that you achieve your goals. With us, you will not only have a reliable manufacturer, but also a trusted partner and support system to help you overcome any difficulties or obstacles. No matter your market demand or production line needs help, beyond will help you bring your business into the future.
In these highly competitive industries, we recognize that working together is the only way to truly succeed and provide more opportunities for all of us.
Our ultra modern research and Technology Center
As one of our partners, you will not only benefit from our rich choice of high-end products. You can also have full access to many of our technology centers around the world. You will work with our industry experts who will spare no effort to find the targeted solutions you need for your toughest challenges.
In our center, you will be able to:
Explore and test equipment and view line settings to incorporate into your operations
Adjust your recipes and techniques
Check the product quality, safety, workmanship and whether it meets the industry standards
Fully access the industry data treasure house and learn directly from our knowledgeable experts
Integrated solutions and excellent support with beyond
The food technology industry is constantly changing, and beyond has always been at the forefront of this change. We are still determined to continuously improve the standards of food processing technology, constantly formulate new standards and explore new innovations in many different markets. Now, we are here to share what we have learned with our partners so that you can achieve your most ambitious goals.
When you work with beyond, you can access not only our top technology solutions, but also our expert support team. Whether you have questions about the equipment, whether you want to know how to cultivate an efficient production line, or whether you need the advice of our industry insiders.