Beyond pet food plant technology with different needs

March 5, 2022
Latest company news about Beyond pet food plant technology with different needs

Beyond's pet food processing equipment portfolio is ready to meet your operational needs. Whether you buy a batch of cooking machines or a whole cooking machine, you will find that we are ready from the bottom line.
No matter what kind of pet food you produce, beyond's legacy of excellence means that your business will achieve meaningful productivity and financial benefits, such as:
Use the best workmanship and materials for construction
Compatibility with other manufacturing equipment and systems
Customizability and configurability to meet your needs
Time required to deploy the production line
Minimum training required for operation
Reduce the risk of human error
More reliable machine
Easier and less maintenance
Less and less serious operational problems
Extend machine life
Higher resale value

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Dog food manufacturing
Dog food production has its special considerations. For example, Salmonella may not harm healthy dogs, but it may be dangerous for old or sick dogs and pet owners (because of the risk of cross contamination). With the increasing popularity of fresh raw dog food, it is increasingly necessary to alleviate the related problems. Beyond offers many options to help ensure the quality and safety of products for cubs and their humans.
Cat food manufacturing
Cat food market mainly focuses on canned wet food. In fact, they are everywhere - almost Pavlovian - and many cats immediately recognize and respond to the "bang" sound of their favorite canned food being opened. As the largest market segment in recent years, wet canned cat food products must be able to be reliably produced on a large scale. These capabilities are undoubtedly one of the many advantages of beyond.
Dry pet food manufacturing
Dried pet foods - such as dog meat and delicacies - usually include freeze-dried meat and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. These inclusions can not only make more delicious food, but also enhance the nutrition of pet diet. This is a good thing. It can make animals healthier. Through beyond technology, processors can be confident that their meat and fruit plant ingredients will not contaminate the finished products with harmful pathogens.
Wet canned pet food manufacturing
The wet pet food market for cats and dogs will reach nearly $25 million in 2020 and is expected to grow by about 5.5% annually over the next five years. Although canned food accounts for a large share of this kind of food, upright bags, foils, trays and films are also popular. Beyond can help you produce safe, shelf stable, delicious and brand building products.
Fresh pet food manufacturing
The market for raw and fresh pet food has tripled in the past few years. This trend may be because pet owners want to provide better nutrition for their pets, and pets think wet pet food is more delicious than dry pet food. There is usually a lack of preservatives or heat treatment, and manufacturers need solutions for proper disinfection, packaging and storage of these perishable pet foods.