Poultry, meat and seafood processing

March 5, 2022
Latest company news about Poultry, meat and seafood processing

The highest quality processing equipment is designed to help you reduce unit costs while meeting the changing product needs of consumers
Beyond, source of protein processing equipment
Modern society has made eating protein very popular. It also pays more attention to the safety of poultry, seafood and meat. As the demand for product quality and visibility increase, you need flexible solutions to enable your business to:
Keep up with large-scale and rapidly changing consumer preferences
Consistently ensure product safety
Respond quickly to technical, regulatory or other changes
Beyond has a long history in realizing this. For more than 20 years, we have been working with protein processors around the world to create high-quality solutions to make you successful.
Our brand range helps you meet market trends, reduce costs and develop new products. In addition, we leverage all lessons learned to further support your operations through first-class software, services and maintenance. Beyond is a complete software package.

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Poultry processing
Chickens, turkeys, ducks and other poultry are flying into our plates and bowls in increasing numbers. This may be driven by newly discovered health awareness or protein centered dietary programs.
In order to meet the needs of customers, beyond provides solutions such as immersion refrigerator, poultry bagging machine and distribution system. We provide systems and equipment for each stage of poultry processing.
Seafood processing
If the global trend continues along the same path, people will eat more seafood in the next few years. The focus on personal health, the interest in exploring different cooking traditions, and the improvement of economic purchasing power may all promote this trend.
As a food manufacturer, your challenge is to create delicious, healthy and safe products. Beyond is ready to provide you with the equipment you need to complete your task -- and more. We have a wide range of products from HPP to tray sealing machine for efficient, multifunctional and hygienic seafood processing.
Meat processing
With the increase of people's interest and wealth in beef, mutton and other game, meat consumption will never be satisfied. Shoppers and diners are looking for a wide variety of goods, from ribs and fish chops to dried meat snacks.
For meat processing, beyond can provide you with all the mechanical equipment you need, such as meat press and injection technology. Beyond won't go wrong.
Features and benefits
Beyond's protein processing equipment has all the functions - and more functions, which you expect in the top machines. These capabilities are not only bells and whistles, but also enable people to continuously produce food quickly, accurately and safely.
Hygiene - hygienic design and structure to enhance cleaning capacity
Adaptability – able to process various products
Expandable devices – additional processing
Innovation - extensive testing capabilities help promote product development
Support – global support staff can help
Equip your entire protein line
Whether you are looking for one or several machines, beyond can meet your needs. Our full product lineup is very large. In your production process, there may be a variety of mechanical options at each step. We always have the right equipment to finish the work.
With the quality and variety of food processing equipment provided by beyond, you can:
Easily purchase all equipment from a single supplier
Customize the production line to meet your needs
Mix and match brands to get what you want
Easily replace individual components of the current production line
Respond more flexibly to change
More smoothly expand business scale
No matter which or how many machines you want to use, you will find that beyond makes the assembly line simple and trouble free.