Mixed evaporator

March 5, 2022
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Our multifunctional evaporator series can handle ultra-high temperature products with high viscosity and difficult to process. The mixed evaporator releases the best function of our forced circulation evaporator. It uses a series of multi effect evaporators for upward forced flow recirculation in tomato concentrate and vertical shell and tube heaters. Each effect basically includes: a vertical tube nest; Liquid gas separation chamber and recirculation pump.

Features and advantages
Reduce energy consumption
It has the advantages of fast cleaning speed, simple operation and less maintenance, which greatly reduces the cost
Reduce the holding time, especially in the case of high concentration and greater thermal damage
The special inducer ensures very high efficiency in special working environment and prevents cavitation in other units
Improve the sensory characteristics of output products to achieve the highest quality of viscous products

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Options and models
Forced circulation evaporator