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380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Shanghai Beyond
Certification ISO9001/CE/SGS
Model Number BY-PL
Minimum Order Quantity One set/one line
Price Negotiation
Packaging Details PE film wrapping, or carbon steel frame packing, or wooden case packing as to clients’ requirement
Delivery Time 50-100 working days upon receipt of payment and confirmed the drawings
Supply Ability 50 Sets Per Season

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Product Details
Product Name Pineapple Processing Machinery Juice Yield 50-75%
Fruit Input Brix 10-20brix (fresh Fruit) End Product Brix 60~72Brix( For Concentrated )
Voltage 380V 50Hz/110V 60hz/415V 50Hz Power Consumption(Kw) Energy Saving Type, About 100-500kw
Warranty 12 Months
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380V Pineapple Juice Making Machine


Concentrated Juice Pineapple Processing Line


Pineapple Juice Processing Machine SUS316

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Product Description

Pineapple Processing Machinery pineapple juice equipment manufacturers Pineapple Processing line

380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice 0

Pineapple is a tropical fruit, originating from the Amazon River Basin in Brazil. Pineapple flesh is golden yellow, tastes sweet and sour, and is rich in odor and juice. In addition to direct consumption, pineapples are usually made into juice or cans. Drinking pineapple juice can supplement nutrition and clear away heat.


Pineapple juice is rich in fructose, glucose, vitamins B and C, citric acid, protease, etc., which can decompose protein, promote digestion, improve blood circulation, diuresis, prevent bronchitis, and reduce the incidence rate of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Pineapple juice processing line

The pineapple juice processing line can complete the whole process of pineapple juice production, including fruit sorting, cleaning, peeling, juicing, pineapple juice filtration, degassing, sterilization, cooling and bottling. The required equipment is as follows:

Fruit Sorter

Fruit washing machine

Fruit peeling and extracting machine

Screw Juicer

Juice fine filter

Vacuum degasser

Fruit juice disinfector

Fruit juice filling machine

Not all listed machines are indispensable. You can choose what you want as needed. Beyond can provide a complete juice production line and separate processing equipment. Welcome to inquire and order!




Brand Name: Shanghai Beyond
Model Number: BY-MPL05
Capacity 5-50T/H
Raw material

Fresh pineapple

End product NFC fresh juice, concentrated juice, Concentrated juice, clear juice, ,cloudy juice
Juice yield 50-75%
Fruit input brix 10-20brix (fresh fruit)
End product brix 60~72Brix( for concentrated )
Package for end product Aseptic large bag in drum/ glass bottle/PET bottle, Gable top box/ brick shape carton
Certification: ISO9001/CE/SGS
Main material for machines SUS304 or SUS316
Place of Origin: China
Manufacturer history More than 10years
Voltage 380V 50Hz/110V 60hz/415V 50Hz
Power consumption(Kw) energy saving type, about 100-500kw,
Operator needed About 6-20persons
Cooling water consumption About 80-300M3
Steam consumption About 300-5000T/H,
Factory space needed About 500-5000Sqm
Warranty 12 months after commissioning


After sales service

Engineers available to service machinery overseas

380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice 1

Separation technology of pineapple juice processing line

Pineapple should be fresh and juicy, with soft pulp, less fiber and slightly sour and sweet taste. Remove rotten, unripe or diseased fruit. 80% maturity is perfect. In addition, you can use the remaining materials of pineapple cans and protect the production.


Fruit sorter is a professional equipment for pineapple sorting. The pineapple moves forward on the stainless steel roller rod and rotates at the same time. Employees can easily find and remove defective fruit.


Cleaning process of pineapple juice processing line

Cleaning is an important process of pineapple juice production line. It ensures the hygiene of the following processes and final products. We recommend using fruit brushes and spray cleaners for adequate cleaning. It can remove stains, impurities and pesticide residues on fruits by rolling brush and high-pressure spray.


Peeling and extracting of pineapple juice processing line

When the pineapples are completely cleaned, they are sent to the pineapple peeling and extracting machine. There is a knife to cut a pineapple in half, and a scraper to separate the peel from the flesh. Then, the pineapple pulp and the rough juice are transported to the next process, and the peel is discharged through the outlet.

380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice 2


Equipment list for 2T/H fresh mango pulp & pineapple juice procession line
1 A Fruit washing unit      
2 A-1 Surfing bubble washing machine 2T/H SUS304, fruit washing tank (2M*1M*1.2M), water blowing pump,blow fan, clapboard elevator(5M*0.8M*4M) with spraying device, elevator speed is adjustable by frequency convertor 1
3 A-2 Belt sorting machine 2T/H Main material for equipment is SUS304 stainless steel, material for frame supporter is SUS304 stainless steel rectangular steel, size for roller sorting machine is 4000mm*1200mm (length*width), motor power is 1.5kw, including fruit sorting operation platform (SUS304 stainless steel), size is 4000mm*600mm 1
4 A-3
Stainless steel clapboard elevator
2T/H Material for clapboard is SUS304 stainless steel, material for frame supporter is SUS304 stainless steel rectangular steel, size for elevator is 5000mm*600mm (length*width), power is 2.2kw, frequency conversion control 1
6 B Crushing and pulping unit      
7 B-1
Pineapple crusher
2T/H made of SUS304 stainless steel, side plate 2mm thick;external size 1200×1000×1400mm, power 7.5kw 1
8 B-2 Mango Destoner 2T/H SUS304 frame,speed is adjustable by transducer,rubber mover plate,with brush 1
9 B-3-1~2 screw conveyor   Main material for equipment is SUS304 stainless steel, material for frame supporter is SUS304 stainless steel rectangular steel, external size is 4000mm×φ250mm 2
10 B-4-1~2 Buffer storage tank V=500L SUS304,single layer, big opening, bottom with square flange outlet, adjustable legs 2
11 B-5-1~2 Screw pump 2T/H Sanitary grade,outlet pressure≤0.6MPa 2
12 B-6 Tubular pre-heater 2T/H SUS304, tubular type, steam heating directly, outlet temperature 85-90℃,temperature is manually controlled 1
13 B-7
Double stage
pulping machine
SUS304, double stage pulping, first stage rotary speed 960rpm,screen hole diameter 1.0mm, second stage 1200rpm, screen hole diameter 0.6mm
14 B-8 Spiral squeezer 2T/H The main part of the equipment adopts SUS304, and the speed of the waste coming is adjustable, frequency control 1
15 B-9 Crushing and
pulping platform
  carbon steel frame, outside coating with anti-corrosion paint,stainless steel checker plate, staircase with handrail, water drain in central 1
17 C Concentrating and storage unit      
18 C-1 Temporary
storage tank
4000L SUS304, double layer, on top with off-central vertical agitator, CIP spraying ball, adjustable legs, ladder, digital show thermometer, breath cap 2
19 C-2 Screw pump 2T/H Sanitary grade,outlet pressure≤0.6MPa 1
20 C-3-1~2 Centrifugal pump 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 24 meters lift, mechanical seal, ABB motor 1
21 C-4 Single effect forced circulation evaporator Q=1T/H SUS304, fully automatic PLC control, evaporation capacity 1T/H 1
22 C-5 Buffer tank V=2000L SUS304, single layer, on top with off-central vertical agitator, CIP spraying ball, adjustable legs, ladder, digital show thermometer, breath cap 1
23 C-6 Screw pump Q=2T/H food grade, outlet pressure ≤0.6MPA 1
25 D Sterilizing filling unit      
26 D-1 Tube-in-tube sterilizer 0.5T/H adopt the full automatic Simens PLC control,sterilizing temperature 105℃, 60s, material outlet temperature 30 ℃, UK Spirax Sarco steam control system, with CIP cleaning unit 1
27 D-2 Degasser unit 0.5T/H Automatic control, SUS304, with the degassing tank, vacuum pump, and material pump, Labom Differential pressure sensor control level 1
28 D-3 Homogenizer 0.5T/H SUS304, maximum pressure 25Mpa, with start cabinet, frequency converted control 1
29 D-4 Aseptic large bag filling machine 0.5T/H Aseptic large bag filler, 220kg, single heads , automatic control, self-leaning system, with Motorless drum rolling conveyor 1
31 E Blending unit      
32 E-1 Emulsification tank 1500L SUS304 stainless steel, 60mm PU insulation, high speed stirring 1400rpm at bottom, digital display thermometer, built-in scale, conical cover, CIP cleaning ball, high and low level sensor, special sugar funnel 1
33 E-2 Centrifugal pump 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 24 meters lift, mechanical seal, ABB motor 1
34 E-3 Twin tube filter 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 200 mesh, stainless steel filter net, twin tube 1
35 E-4 Dissolving platform   SUS304 stainless steel, stainless steel pattern plate, handrail and ladder, centralized drainage, size is about 1200*1200*1200mm 1
36 E-5-1~3 Blending tank 6000L SUS304 stainless steel, single layer,off-center agitator, 36 rpm, airtight manhole, digital display thermometer, CIP cleaning ball, adjustable legs, acid spraying nozzel, sample valve 3
37 E-6 Centrifugal pump 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, pump head is 36 lift, mechanical seal, ABB motor 1
38 E-7 Inverted screw pump 5T/H Inverted screw pump, with dynamic cart, can be lifted, speed stepless adjustable, the part touched with product is SU304L stainless steel 1
39 E-8 Twin barrel filter 10T/H SUS304 stainless steel, 40 mesh, stainless steel filter net, twin tubes 1
40 E-9
Blending platform
  SUS304, stainless steel pattern plate, handrail, ladder, centralized drainage,size 4500*800*1800mm 1
42 F Sterilizing and filling unit      
43 F-1 Tubular sterilizer Q=6T/h
Material: SUS 304 tubular type, Sterilization temperature range: 25~50℃→95℃(30S)(sterilization)→88℃(hot filling) Spirax sarco steam pressure relief and regulating valve system, steam trap, Germany Jumo temperature sensor. Germany Burkert tower water regulator, GEA/APV pneumatic valve, paperless temperature recorder,Siemens PLC touch screen control, with self CIP cleaning system
44 F-2
Vacuum degasser
SUS304, differential pressure transducer, water circulation type vacuum pump, working vacuum degree-0.08MPa, vertical multi-stage centrifugal pump, frequency converted control
45 F-3 Homogenizer Q=6T/h SUS304, maximum pressure 25Mpa, with start cabinet, frequency converted control 1
46 F-4
PET bottle filling machine
500ml/b, 12000B/h, tilt bottle sterilizing, spray cooling tunnel, conveyor chain, with ink jet date coder, dryer, labeling machine, shrink labeling machine, shrink film wrapping machine, carton packing machine, etc
48 G Hot water unit      
49 G-1 Hot water tank V=3000L SUS304, 60mm PU heat preservation, top and bottom 15° conical head, airtight manhole, respiration valve, the digital display thermometer, overflow tube, anti-vortex plate, pure water inlet, hot water reflux nozzel, glass tube indicator, ball float type sensor of high,middle, low level, bottom discharge valve with pull rod, adjustable legs, ladder 1
50 G-2 Centrifugal pump Q=5T/h SUS304, lift 36 meters, mechanical seal 1
51 G-3 Palte heater Q=5T/h SUS304, steam heating directly, plate Proof Pressure 8kg,60-95℃ 1
52 G-4 Temperature control system   K Spirax sarco reducing valve, trap system, Chinese famous brand stop valve, steam instrument 1
54 H CIP unit      
55 H CIP system 3*3000L Three tanks, single circulation, Semi-auto CIP, double layers insulation tank, tank material SUS304 stainless steel,acid&alkali tank with stirrer, high&Low liquid level alarm system, Spirax Sarco temperature auto control, JUMO temperature sensor, Shanghai YUAN brand progress pump 1 pieces, 20T/H, pumping lift 36M,300L concentrated acid & alkali tank which material is SUS316L , The USA imported pneumatic diaphragm pump two pieces. 1
56 R CIP return pump 20T/H SUS316L, 24m lift, mechanical seal, ABB motor 2
59 I Installation part      
60 I-1 product piping system   CIP pipeline,processing pipeline and sewage pipeline of all the equipment from Beyond, and also all the needed valves, meters, ISO standard (Φ63,Φ51, Φ38 etc), SMS round thread standard 1
61 I-2 power piping system   including equipment steam pipeline(carbon steel pipe), ice water pipeline(Hot dip galvanized pipe), tap water(Hot dip galvanized
) and compressed air pipeline(carbon steel pipe), and also needed valves,meters, not including the insulation of the pipes, buyer connect main pipe to required position
62 I-3 electrical distribution cabinets   including all the Beyond Provided equipments' power control cabinets and site control cabinets in the main workshop, made of stainless steel SUS304 1
63 I-4 electric distributing system  
All the needed cable and related electric parts for installation(cable, support, flexiable tube etc) of Beyond equipment
64 I-5 installation and commissioning cost  
installation and commissioning on the equipments from seller's(Beyond) company,customer offer installation tools(welding machine, cutting machine, flat machine etc) and installation consumable materials(stainless steel welding sticks, carbon welding sticks, electric power, argon etc)


380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice 3




Second press

Peeled pineapple pulp is conveyed to a screw juicer for further extraction. In order to make full use of raw materials, you can add water to pineapple dregs for secondary extrusion.

Spiral Juicer apple juice processing


Pineapple juice filtration in pineapple juice processing line

The juice filter is used after the juicer of the mango juice processing line. It can remove all suspended solids, fibers and colloidal particles by centrifugal force. In this way, it can further refine pineapple juice. The pulp size of refined pineapple juice is less than 0.8mm.


Pineapple juice degassing in pineapple juice processing line

The vacuum degasser is used to remove the air in the juice to inhibit oxidation and browning. By eliminating the gas attached to the particles, it can prevent the solids from floating and improve the appearance of the juice. Degassing can also reduce the foam in packaging and sterilization and reduce the corrosion of containers. Generally, degassing is performed after homogenization and before filling.


The pineapple juice degasser is made of high-quality materials, the part in contact with the juice is made of stainless steel, and the sealing ring is made of food grade rubber.





380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice 4





380V 50Hz Pineapple Processing Line For Concentrated Juice 5

Sterilization of pineapple juice in pineapple juice processing line

Fruit juice is usually sterilized by high and short sterilization and processed for 15-30 minutes at (93 ± 2) ℃.

The juice sterilizer can realize high-precision temperature control and rapid cooling, thus shortening the sterilization time. High quality stainless steel is used to ensure hygiene, and stepless speed regulation realizes continuous operation.


Pineapple juice cooling in pineapple juice processing line

The sterilized pineapple juice is sent to a heat exchanger where they transfer heat to the newly extracted juice. After this process, the temperature of sterilized pineapple juice was reduced to about 50 ℃. Meanwhile, the raw juice is preheated.


Pineapple juice filling for pineapple juice processing line

Thoroughly clean and disinfect the juice bottle before loading the pineapple juice into the juice bottle. When the juice is cooled to the appropriate temperature, it is filled into a bottle and completely sealed. Then wipe the water off the bottle, label it and store it in the warehouse.